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What's your experience with circumcised willies?

I was with friends recently getting our kids changed after swimming, and I was surprised to see that 3 of the 4 boys there were circumcised. The mum with the uncircumcised boy pointed this out, and said they had considered having it done, but decided not to. I haven't got boys, but I always thought circumcision wasn't really done, but my friends all seemed to think it was perfectly normal. I know my brothers aren't circumcised, and my husband isn't either. I was wondering what everyone's personal experience with circumcision is? Have your partners or previous sexual partners had it done? If you have sons, did you get them circumcised? Do you know whether any other family members have had it done?


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 Umm bit of an overreaction there
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 Nothing overreacting about protecting innocent boys from genital mutilation!!!
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 I concur. It's disgusting.
Would you be saying that if someone took a scalpel to your c**t?

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if a guy looked at my flaps and was like "you know its much more hygienic to that them trimmed up a bit, less risk of STIs and obviously id find it more sexually appealing, and also you should do that to your daughters so that she's more sexually appealing and clean, id definitely hit them in the dick! why are parents so hellbent on mutilating their gorgeous children because they have warped views on cosmetic and cleanliness reasons for circumcision. Hey guess whats cleaner? TEACHING YOUR SONS TO WASH THEIR OWN PRIVATE PARTS!

 A little louder for the people in the back 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
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 Who said anyone actually says anything to sexual partners about how their dicks look? It’s an anonymous sharing forum here in which everyone is giving opinions.
And how is circumcision the same as genital mutilation?

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 I've been with a guy who was obviously never taught to pull his foreskin back to clean it, but as an adult really should have known better. I discovered this after fiddling with him and realising my hand smelt like an old pub urinal. I held my hand up to his nose and let him know exactly what I thought...
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 How is it not mutilation? You are removing part of their penis without their consent
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I have had 2 male relatives suffer from phimosis and be circumcised at an older age, which is a more involved surgery than on a baby. So I got my son done when he was 3 weeks old. He had local anaesthetic and didn’t cry at all. It was straightforward and healed well. My husband is also done as are all the males in our families. But I would absolutely say it’s personal choice. No judgement!!

 My boy had phimosis. It literally was not a complicated surgery.And he didn't cry either. It was straightforward and healed well.
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Definitely find it cleaner and far more appealing in a sexual partner.

 But your son will never be your sexual partner
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 Otherwise we have some seriously messed up mothers who need their sons removed from their care
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I have boys to 2 different dads. Both dads are done, all my boys are done. I'm in my 30s and the majority of men I've slept with were also done.
The drs that did my children commented that even with all the crap in the media, it is actually on the rise

No one I know is circumcised, neither are my sons or my husband, or any of my friends sons. Iv never even considered it for my boys

Interesting how some of the comments which were polite and to the point have been removed. Mods have an agenda alright.

I'm in my 20s and 7 of 8 guys I've been with have been circumcised. Got our 2 year old done too, so much cleaner!

 No actually, a risk of infection isn't cleaner. Leaving something alone and just washing it properly is cleaner.
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 Maybe you just date guys with festy d#cks?
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We had my boy done as we ended up back in hospital on day 2 of his life. The foreskin was too tight to allow him to wee and it was trapped under the foreskin. His dad is circumcised as well. I was told ballooning isn't a real reason for circumcision but my 2 day old baby had a bruised, swollen and sore penis from it so I got it done.

I’ve never been with a circumcised man. My sons aren’t circumcised. My mother said neither are my brothers. I’ve only known a few men who are. There was no medical reason to get it done. Cosmetically it doesn’t matter. If they want it done for looks when they are adults they can do it, just like if my daughter wasn’t happy with her breasts when they develop and she wanted implants. I’m not going to force my preference on my children. I find it sick when people do, like you aren’t the one who will be fu****g your son so why do you care what they “look” like.

 Often it isn’t done for cosmetic reasons but health reaons
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 Babies are done for cosmetic reasons. Health reasons would only be if there’s an infection or the foreskin it too tight. It’s fu****g sick how people mutilate their sons body for no real medical reason.
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 ^ not necessarily true. Sometimes babies are done as a preventative to health issues later in life, because it’s a much more painful procedure as an older boy or an adult. My Ob was very pro circumcision for this reason. We declined though.
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 My son was done at 10 for medical reasons, he said it didn't hurt after the first day. And I work with a lass who's 18 year old was done medical reasons also. Spinal block during procedure and nil pain afterwards during healing
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 ^That may be, but some doctors aren’t recommending it for newborns for cosmetic reasons, but potential health ones.
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 In some circumstances but only certain ones. Not many or most. Thats why most hospitals wont do it now
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 ^ my point being the doctors who (even though few) aren’t doing it for comsetic reasons as the responder a few up suggested.
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 If it is done because of infection or the foreskin being too tight, that’s health reasons. If your doctor recommends it just as a “preventative” why don’t you get their wisdom teeth removed and their appendix out just to prevent risk of infection or removal at a later date? It isn’t anything more than purely cosmetic when they do a baby boys circumcision.
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 My mum always said they had my brother circumcised because the hole where urine exits was not central and it would have without a doubt caused infections and uti’s so it was preventative.
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 ^^OMG. I didn’t say I agree with it. I said why some doctors do it. Maybe you should put forth your arguments to them, not me. I actually said we chose not to have my son done.
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 Doing something to prevent health issues later isnt cosmetic. My doctor wanted to do it for my son, because he believed in the preventative advantages. He had no interest in the cosmetic. WHy would he? He was a strong advocate for it, but we refuse do it anyway. Of course, many parents are about the cosmetics (just read any thread on the subject of circumcision to see that) and so they find those pro doctors who like mine think it should be done as a preventative measure.
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 Do you remove any potential breast tissue in baby girls as a preventative measure
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I am in my mid-40s and grew up in Melbourne and have never been with an uncircumcised guy (and I have been with quite a few guys!). My DP was cut when he was in his 20s through personal choice, before we met. He says he never liked being uncircumcised and much prefers it now. He says 90%+ of the guys when he was growing up were done. I am glad he is cut but it wouldn't have been a deal breaker if he wasn't. We have no sons so wasn't a choice we needed to make but he says he would probably have left any DS uncut and let him choose what to do when older.

 My partner got circumcised at 32 and says it’s so much better. I’m so glad he’s done as I much prefer it
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 I'm very anti circumcision on baby boys, but your partners did it when they were adults and consented and are happy they made the choice as adults. Unless medically necessary eg pinhole phimosis, baby boys should have their genitals left alone and intact. Good decision to decide to leave it up to the decision making skills of adult sons (if you were to have any)
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I have been with one man that had been circumcised. It was done for medical reasons when he was a teen as he got an infection. He was told not to touch it as a child, so never thought to pull back the foreskin to clean it properly.
My husband and my sons are not circumcised, but my husband teaches our children how to clean it properly.
I feel like there should probably be more education on it but. When my boys were babies, we were told not to touch the foreskin when cleaning them. But once they get older and the foreskin retracts, it needs to be done.

Husband is son isn't. There are no preventative health reasons to get it done. If I requested that my daughter's clitoris be cut I would most likely have her taken off me but for some strange reason it is okay to multilate little boys.

 If you can't understand the difference between a tiny and useless piece of skin, and a bundle of nerves that was designed to make sex pleasurable (and give women more incentive to have sex - and thus produce more children) than you're missing something.
Do you oppose ear piercing as well?

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 Then* you're missing something
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 *😂 🦄
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 you're missing something arent you? like your foreskin??
and im not the OP of this comment but i oppose ear piercing unless the children ask for it to be done.
but you know that you can take piercings out right? you can glue that bit of skin you wanted hacked off back on. just sayin

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My husband is
Our 4 sons are
My brother is (as an adult due to an infection)
And all my nephews
Imo a circumcised D is better to look at (amongst other things) than uncircumcised
It’s actually quite common these days and not only for religious reasons.

 Lol you’re a fruit loop. Obviously I was referring to partners I’ve been with, nothing to do with perving on my sons. I can’t believe 2 idiots actually liked your comment. Thanks for the laugh though 😂
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 Wtf! Why would you even suggest the commenter was referring to her son!! It was obvious she was referring to her partners; who is the one with the damaged mind here!
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My husband isn’t but he being a doctor has said if we have boys he would like it done for them as it can be a huge std preventer.

 Know what else is a huge STD preventer? Teaching your sons to wrap their junk before they stick it anywhere
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