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Am I holding out on sex or is this enough?

I have been having an affair with a man for the last 2 years and he is now saying we don’t have sex enough. We do it three times a week. His wife only has sex with him once a month. My husband and I have a very active sex life and normally make love every second day. I can’t keep up any more with my affair partner than I already am. Am I being too prudish with my affair partner or is this enough?

No judgement please.


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I hope you are using protection.

I hope he is worth the angst and hurt it'd cause your husband if he found out.

FYI of course we're gonna fu****g judge the shit outta you!! You are a deplorable human shitting all over your union with your husband.

You need a fu****g hard slap, bitch.

Don't think what you do with your husband is "making love" when you're doing what you're doing

OP It is making love. I love my husband
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 Surrrrre. That’s why you’re cheating on him, right?
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 You don’t love your husband you selfish woman
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Couldn’t he get a second lover?

OP I asked him today and he said he has been trying. I am going to start helping him find another lover
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 Ha tell him to go to a brothel
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 ^He is already visiting a brothel, every time he visits the OP.
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 the OP is free and dumb. He would have to shell out plenty at the brothel.
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How would you feel if your husband cheated on you and you didn’t cheat on him

I agree with the earlier commentator, maybe he needs to get a second mistress! Oh and your poor husband 😞

OP Yes it is very good advice
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OMG your a machine - both physically and mentally.

 Love a set of car tyres made from your pus as clearly, you cannot wear it out.
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Wow! I just had this chat with my affair partner and we both agreed on ‘catching up’ fortnightly. How on earth do you manage 3 times a week! Are you retired?

OP I work out of the office for half days which gives me time on my “lunch break” to eat him up
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 You're on the wrong post hun. You want the Israel folau post 😂
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