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TA or teaching degree?

I want to start studying next semester, kids will be all in school in about 3 years. I can either do a tafe course and become a learning supper officer (Teacher’s assistant) or do a masters of teaching and become a primary teacher. Which one would you choose?
Money is not a big issue, so I would be happy to do part time, I just want to go back to work when the kids are at school. Anyone could shed some light?


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I'd go TA. Don't have to work outside school hours like teachers do.

TA first and then if you enjoy it become a teacher. You should be able to get rpl for the study and experience you have plus you can claim your study on tax once you are working in the industry

TA. Very few permanent part time or full time teaching jobs available.

 Not tru
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 Graduates are usually guaranteed positions
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Ones a 6 month Tafe course and the other is a 4 year uni degree! Not really comparable but if you have the time to study I would go for Teacher. I am an EA, there's not much work around if I could afford to study I would.

 Sounds like she already has a degree so might only be 2 years to become a teacher. Still longer than study for a TV though
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