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Women are so judged on their appearance way more than men.

All the comments Barnaby Joyces ex wife got from balding, beer bellied men saying "No wonder he left" made me realise it really is one sided. We will be forever judged and if we don't look like a smoking hot 20 something year old with no muscle mass we will be "gross". Even when we are not looking for other peoples approval. I am overweight and 37 and I still cop it. Even 10 -20 years ago when I was skinny and reasonably good looking I still had my flaws pointed out like short legs and a big nose. Why do we need to judge and point out flaws? How old do you have to be for it to stop?


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And Barnabys ex wife is looking amazing while his new woman looks like a fat frumpy cow.

 I agree, the photos they used made her look alot bigger than what she is, she looks great.
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 I think Natalie Joyce looks amazing too! I was so happy when I read of her achievements.
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I am 15 years younger than my husband. He is nothing to look at I’m now 28 and been modelling since I was 15! I had so much confidence until I met him, you’re fat, is that a pimple, you need to buy bigger clothes this is too small, then I go to a shop and ask if they have something in my size and he says oh she’s a 12, I’m an 8 never been a 12 or even a 10 (nothing wrong with those sizes at all) I’ve realised something though through all of his abuse... he is so insecure and worried about his appearance that he projects everything onto me and tears me down to make himself feel better

 He is trying to make you feel like shit about yourself so you don't realise you are married to a complete fuckwit and find someone better. I hope you know you're better than that!
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 Girl. 28 and you're wasting your best years on this di*****d 😭 actually makes me so sad.
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I'm a bloke, and i don't think it's EVER justified to comment on a womens appearance UNLESS you are saying something nice. But that could just be the way I was brought up.... to be a decent person and all.

I also strongly disagree with the amount you all judge each other with little to no factual backing just speculation and, in most cases, jealousy.

My 50cents for your pleasure.

 Its definitely not just men that do the judging for sure but it is mostly aimed at women.
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 Thanks bunches for mansplaining that for us stupid women. Xx
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 Play nice will you
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It is always the grossest fat ugly men that have the biggest mouths in this department.

There does come a point when you just don’t care about the judgements from others. But I’m not sure it stops, at least not until you’re well over 70.