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Looking for recommendations for board game, card game or simular theme for secret santa present, around $40 (can be a bit more). For adult so can be a bit naughty like cards against against humanity.


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What do you Meme - absolute cracker of a game. Like cards against humanity but with Memes

The Settlers of Catan. Can be found in stores, but easier to buy online thru eBay. Awesome board game. Just get the original board game, you can get the extension pack which allows a couple more players.

our not so nerdy favourite ones are Dixit, Exploding kittens, Throw Throw Burrito and Munchkin.
We have nerdy versions of Risk, Cluedo and Monolopy (Game of Thrones/Rick & Morty ect) that we pull out for our non D&D friends and they are always fun

Boganology. It’s like monopoly for Bogans. Eg, collect’s$50 s as you pass Centrelink, congratulations you’ve been granted single parent pension and you’re 13.

Articulate is good if you want to keep it clean for Nana ;)

Carcassonne, exploding kittens there is a nsfw version, rat a tat cat, sushi go party, unstable unicorns.

Exploding Kittens

OP Yep, know this one! Very popular in our caravan when camping!
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Big w sell one online called gutter mouth.. it’s like
Pictionary but for adults. Looks like lots of fun!

OP Awesome! Will check it out, thanks!
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