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That's it I'm not paying tax anymore.

I just read an article about the NDIS being taken to court over paying for a sex therapist to give a lady with MS an orgasm because she can't masturbate. She won. Dyslexic kids can't get help with reading but she gets a hooker?
I am posting this because there are a few wise ones on here who can perhaps put this into perspective for me?


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Do you know anyone with MS? Considering how much they suffer, I have no issue with her fulfilling her sexual needs in a safe manner. It will probably assist with her mental health too.

 You are right, it's a terrible way to suffer. I hope she gets her money's worth.
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 So why bother with any treatment for terminal people hey? You heartless bitch
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 Everyone is going to die one day. Pretty poor excuse not to do something.
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I'm sorry that dyslexic kids can't get help with reading, however, I agree that sex therapy is an appropriate use of of funding, when we look at the person as a whole. It's ok for a person with a disability to have sexual needs, and need assistance with this. Look at he whole person.

 I don't disagree but surely that can't be a priority over other kids learning to read?
And thank for putting another perspective on it.

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 Jumping on this answer because she took the words right out of my mind.
Why does it have to be an either/or situation? Why can't all those who need assistance, receive it? Whether that be a dyslexic child with reading, or an MS sufferer with sexual health. Suffering is not a competition. It's not a race.
I'm more concerned about the greedy service providers lining their pockets further by upping the cost of their services.
I know, it's not an ideal world. But I think there should be safeguards put in to allow all those who need it, to receive appropriate care for a reasonable and affordable price.
Plus, this lady is more than welcome to borrow my husband. He's quite good at giving me orgasms, and tbh if it keeps him off me..... lol.

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Sex is not crucial for Christ's sake.
Nor for the taxpayer.
This world has gone mad.

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 I don't know where you live but we have a place here that helps dyslexic kids with English. Like that's all it does! And it's subsidised for kids with dyslexia.
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It’s not good when you really think about it - yeah, roads, hospitals, schools all good - but also, jails and feeding murderers and rapists, offshore detention facilities, MPs generous retirement pensions, etc. while kids in this country go hungry.
We should all lobby our politicians and have more of a say about stuff - but quite frankly I am so jaded with the whole lot of them that I have just been like an ostrich with my head in the sand. I think a lot of us are.

 Exactly this
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It’s her money

 Umm no its not her money. It's taxpayer money.
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 I thought the ndis was meant to give clients more control over their funding? Like if they choose to spend money on sex therapy instead of hydrotherapy, that's their choice. Can't just spend it on anything though, like getting a new car if it has nothing to do with the disability.
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 I have a two children with ASD. One has NDIS for therapy, the other we are going through the process now. You cannot spend the money on whatever you like. If you want something, you need to make an appointment with the NDIS co ordinator and have it approved. A lot hoops to jump.
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 ^ok, thanks for clearing that up. Sorry to hear it's a pain in the butt to deal with.
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It's one of the reasons why my husband and I sold our house and both work part time. Trying to get ahead was a joke when everyone wants their cut. It all went in tax and child support (we have the child half the time). We can actually live now and we don't feel bad about taking way more than we pay in tax because of some of the ridiculous things it gets spent on.

If you want outrage, look up the NDIS price guide. They've just upped the psych limit to $210 an hour - which everyone immediately charges. Non NDIS clients pay max $150. NDIS said they'd increase participants funds to compensate, but not ours, apparently. Psych gets richer, my son gets to have his appointments cut back as I can't afford $210 an hour (not to mention his other two therapies)!

The government is seriously broken.

 Meanwhile I just enrolled for my psychology degree. You should too, f**k the system.
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 Uh, who said non ndis clients pay max $150? The service I need for my kid charges $210 for non ndis clients so that’s what we pay.
This is not to mention multiple other therapies I cover out of my own pocket.

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 I pay 320
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 OP of comment here... For the cost, I was referring to the service we use. No disrespect to a anyone intended. I'm just livid because the system & professionals purporting to help my child have just forced me to cut his therapy back & lied because all the press releases say participants funds will be adjusted to compensate (called & it's a no). It's his first plan & I'm learning it's all about money & no one gives a stuff.
The professionals are all still whinging about the 'low cost' they can charge too!!
As for psych degree person - good for you, honestly. Do it now before unis increase the cost of degrees due to demand (they will). However, run your own business or I can guarantee you'll be getting only a tiny slice of that!

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My kid has dyslexia too and it’s a little frustration, we are in a position to give her what she needs and she goes to a great school but I can see how hard to much be for others