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Are you still wearing your bra?

Now that you’re stuck at home, are you ditching the bra?


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No. I don’t want saggy titties and stretch marks

 That’s a myth
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 BS my my went back packing for a year and never wore one. They sag.... stretch marks above the nipples. She was supposed to have surgery a fortnight ago
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I just wear a crop top at home. Keeps the girls contained while maintaining comfort

I’m switching to the Kmart brand ah bra while at home. So comfy but just not supportive enough to wear out.

Mostly. there have been a few days where I've thought nope, not today bra you may rest....mostly it's the fear of my tits sagging anymore

At home yes. Going out I still wear one. We aren’t at that level of apocalypse yet that I can be walking through the supermarket and risk a possible milk leak with no bra on. In a couple of weeks time that may all change again 😂😂😂