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Is it ok

to open a packet off the shelf to give something to your toddler while grocery shopping?


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If you pay for it it's fine. Those that say its theft are uneducated morons.

I see women (always bloody women) open punnets of strawberries or blueberries, give a handful to their kids and put the punnet back on the shelves. even if I'm far away I'll yell out to them that they should pay for it. No fu**s given if I embarrass them, why should anyone buy that particular one and get less than what thy pay for. Shits me to tears.

 I hope you live near me! I always end up getting the punnets left short. And because I'm trying to keep 3 kids under 5 in check I don't notice until we get home.
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 😧people do this???
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No way. But it seems to be the done thing in my local supermarket. A bit of planning ahead people. The adults seem worse than the kids.

 Agreed. Both my kids had mega tantrums in the supermarket when they where little over wanting everything they saw. They learnt pretty quick that you don't always get what you want it also teaches them patients.

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I have given my kids food from packets I'm buying. I always keep the wrappers & pay for it. Now my kids are older, i tell them they have to wait until it gets 'beeped'. My local supermarket gives them a slice of smily fritz. The fruit & veg person heard me explaining to my kids, about selecting food in a package they can eat, beacuse we need to pay for it (the store, workers & farmers etc), he was happy if my kids wanted to eat a loose mushroom. Some of the bigger supermarkets even have a selection of fruit for kids to choose & eat. So, I believe it's ok if you pay for the item.

I do it regularly and then pay for it with all of my other groceries

I personally think it is wrong. But to each his own. When my kids were young, I always brought a snack along with us. For those of you who sneak a grape or two or munch on an apple, my question is how do you do that without washing it first? I always think of how many people have touched the fruit/veg before I get to them. I have to wash everything first before we eat it.

I do it ... Always apologise at pay- they've never said anything less than no worries I totally get it.
But I'm also a grape theif🙈🙊 I'll always have one or two before I get to the counter

 I always try a grape to make sure they are nice.
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I do it. As long as you pay for it I think it doesn't mattee

I let mine. Packets of cruskits or red apples, every time. We pay for the whole box of biscuits. Then I take an extra apple for the weight and leave it behind after the weigh and pay. No harm no foul.

My husband does the shopping with the toddler and her always lets her grab something! It is always fruit though and he only lets her have the fruit in prepackaged bags that is paid for by barcode not by weight, I really dont see the big deal. It is paid for, they are always giving away free food anyway and there is so much more wastage than a single apple been eaten by a toddler!

Depends on what the product is and whether it's a set price or priced on weight. My darling son likes to grab apples and try and eat them while we're shopping. I've ended up going in with them grabbing a small selection of "trolley food" paying for it then leaving and coming back in straight away lol. Because I keep my receipt and keep that trolley food bag away from the rest of the groceries I've never had an issue

As long as you pay for it.

 Legally speaking though it is technically stealing.
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 How is it stealing? You haven't left the premises and pay before you do. I do it all the time
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 Because you haven't bought it at the time of consumption.
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 Well I worked in shops for years and as far as I know it's each stores rule. If your that picky about it just show a staff member! Half the time though it's not a problem as most store owners have kids and BRAINS. Kids see kids want. If the parent has the money all is good.
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 Definitely theft.
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 Well my toddler is a theif then! She always has a little yoghurt sachet while we shop, it keeps her happy, I always pay for it at the checkout and I've never had a staff member tell me not to do it. Little theif she is!
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 No its not. Stealing is dishonesty dealing with property with an intend to permanently deprive the owner of proprietary rights ... The very first test is the dishonest bit. If it's prepackaged and you pay for the package there's no issue. It's absolutely not theft.
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 You haven't paid for a resteraunt meal at the time of consumption either - that's poor logic.
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 ^ this 👍🏼
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I have done this once when I had a hysterical screaming toddler. I made sure it was paid for.