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Morning and after school care advice sought

Hi everyone, I’m about to start working with a few days with times before and a little after school/day care drop off.. I’m have a yr 1,4 and 3year old in daycare.. it will be a juggle. How do you guys do it all? Do you do school care, or ask a friend to watch? Kids walk to school? I am going to be 45Mins-hour late after school. I will get the oldest a basic phone to call me if needed, but would love some insight in to similar’s lives? Thank you x


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I've used both before and after school care. I thought it was fantastic. Many schools offer the service. Having said that, the last time we used it was 5 years ago so I don't know if anything has changed in that time. Our kids have since grown up so we didn't need it anymore. I'd recommend at least giving it a go 😊

I use before and after school care when needed (only 1 day a week) I won't ask others to watch my children, I personally don't like it. My girls love going to before and after school care, they get to hang out with their friends longer. They ask to go every day 😂

I don't have local friends but my mum will happily help me in the afternoon. Once i secure a stable job i am definitely looking into after school care. Also most towns have a Police citizens club that offer after school care with amazing activities. 🙂

I use before and after school care. After school care most days and before school just on the odd occasion. I don’t ask friends for that sort of support, just a personal preference of my own. I’m sure if I asked, they’d help.

Definitely don’t rely on friends, it is a burden having extra kids often. They may be polite about it at first but you could find your friends keeping a distance
Some before and after school cares do school pickups and drop offs. I would start by checking with your daycare

 I second this. It’s fine once in a while but looking after someone elses kids on the regular while they earn an income is pretty crappy. Def go with child care or after school care
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Can you ask your employer for flexible start/finish times? Also do you have a partner to share the load?