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Just average

What do you do for a job when you are not very good at anything. I have tried 4 different industries over my lifetime & i've never really liked any of them, i've never felt really good at them either. You know that saying everyone is good at something? I've never found that.


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I worked in a couple of different industries. I was always average, didn't get pay rises or promotions no matter how hard I worked. I just stopped trying, I do my job but don't put the extra effort in any more and it hasn't made any difference. I made peace with it and just coast through work now. I don't do a rubbish job, but don't work through my lunch break or stay late now.

Its not always a bad thing. I am average, it didn't bother me until I was passed over for a promotion I felt I deserved. The girl who was always self appointed manager got it and I was not pleased but I just had to get over it. Now I'm relieved because when we are busy, or someone is away its on her, she is the one who has to do all the extra work. If we have to stay back we all come in late the next day, so she has more work that doesn't get done. I come in 30 mins early as thats just the time I get there after dropping kids off, I open up, turn the coffee machine on etc. When my kids were on holidays I was called into HR over why I was coming in 30 minutes late every day. My boss tried to give me a written warning over it, I agreed to come in early and opening the office being my responsibility, and now I get to leave 30 mins early. Which is more work for my boss to do. She only gets $150 a month more than I do.
So don't stress about being average, sometimes it makes life easier.

I'm average too but I'm pretty fu****g awesome at it 😂

I've worked in most unskilled careers.. I don't know if that's the right word for it.
I don't mean offence.
hospitality, retail, admin, childcare, sales, farm and factory work, cleaning, driving, delivering..
Mostly I have always gone on in jobs to be retail manager or sales manager but it never suited my morals and I struggled immensely, I also got absolutely sick of the hard yakka or standing on my feet all day for measly pay.
A year ago I decided to have a go at disability support work and it's actually been amazing, I earn between $40 - $90 an hour - it's flexible, I am not dead tired at the end of the day because it's basically just helping someone live their best life, every day is different and it's really fulfilling and good for the soul.

 I'm in disability support and I've never heard of this rate of pay except if in a higher role?
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 Really? I negotiate my own rates and none of my clients pay less than $40 an hour.
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 Ndis funding mate
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 Yup 👍
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 ok mate
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Many people dont ever find joy from work, you just gotta do it. Average is good enough, at least your not below average, imagine how fkd that would be? Being good enough, is good enough.

Try and get an admin job at a large organisation so there is room to move around. That might be a good way to find something you like.

I feel for you we all have an identity crisis with work at some point. You might be better off working in a field and then studying it, that might spark your passion.

The reality is most of us are just average. If we were all at the top of our field it wouldn’t be the top, it’s just be the new average. That doesn’t mean we should always strive to do our best. Try and shift your focus while at work. Strive to be that one person who’s always consistent and reliable or focus on making your workplace a better place with less gossip and a great team culture etc.

I just see work as a way to pay the bills. I don’t enjoy it. I just turn up, do it, then go home. I think it’s ok to be like that.

Not everyone can get a job test driving porches or tasting new flavours of icecream. For most people their job is a way to make a living and in their spare time and weekends they can spend time on their hobbies or passions.

What are you interested in? Im a software engineer. The people I know who are really good at it actually love to code and find computers really interesting. I think thats what actually makes you good - you want to learn more.