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Hate my husband's beard

My husband has decided to grow a beard and i am not a fan. The problem is he is growing a course bushy hobo beard thats just like pupes on his face. I have tried suggesting he groom it a bit but just being stubborn.
Anyone else have husbands with beards you hate? How can i get him to shave it.


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Serve messy sandwiches all the time

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Stop shaving ur bikini line and tell him you'll shave when he does

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 Best idea!
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 I did this last winter! You should have seen how thick I was in the spring! It worked though, hubby shaved first!
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Oh yes my hubby has had one for 5yr. I explained when he first started growing it have never bn attracted to a man with a beard and he keeping his will only turn me off him... He's kept for 5yr. I feel like my feelings dnt count. Am I bn selfish but truth is I now do not fancy him. 1 bit and I'm not wanting to kiss him. Or out so fair to say it's not my fault if things are totally dead is it.

 Wow. This is exactly how I feel. You aren't alone.
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 I'm glad in not the only one who feels this way. I respect whatever his need is to grow the thing but he needs to realize I have no attraction to him with it. I have never been attracted to men with beards. Thanks for also saying it
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Shit did I write this while I was asleep? I must have. Because this is my situation as well. Honey, I hate to say this but the only thing to do is tell him how you feel, and wait. He'll be sick of it soon enough and shave it off. At least that's what I hope will happen. We've made it past hobo now and are between sea captain and wizard. I'm sure it'll end soon. Please God?

OP I have told him how i feel but all the guys at his work grew beards so he is stubborn and his need for the young guys approval outweighs his need to please me. I dont kiss him as much maybe i should stop all together
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 We have now reached Dumbledore stage. At this point I'm not really sure what he looks like underneath it all anymore. I have to keep buying hair elastics because we are a house with 3 girls and a ponytail beard (and he keeps breaking the damn elastics!), I keep finding massive long pubes everywhere but theres no way to tell if they're his body hair or beard hair (he's pretty hairy all over), and sometimes when he cleans out his beard brush, I find a hair ball that resembles some sort of bizarre scouring pad. Sigh. He's still a good man though. The sex is awkward these days. I'm too pregnant to be on top, and his beard keeps nearly suffocating me when he's on top. Lol. Plus it gets tangled up with my hair when we spoon. But.... I still love the big gorilla. Even with his stupid wizard beard. God I love him so much.
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 ^ this is the best update ever. Nearly pee'd myself laughing. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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When my husband gets lazy and starts growing a beard I just don't let him kiss me until it's gone

This is my issue!! and it's tending to be destructive to our relationship -- can't stand the mustache at all, it grosses me out for reasons to hard to explain, and the beard he just lets grow without realizing how gross it gets under his chin and down his neck... I totally liked and related to the description of one guy's growths being "past hobo now and are between sea captain and wizard," but I know it's hurting his feelings when I suggest stricter maintenance; just can't kiss that face anymore, and that's where the destructive element comes in!

Buy him one of those fancy beard grooming kits and make a big deal about how bohemian he will look and it will all be fantastic. He will either hate the idea of being a hipster and shabe it or will actually groom it so you will sort of win either way lol. Reverse psychology, that's what I would try

Where did caring how your spouse feels ho out the window. I am in the same boat as you. My husbands beard looks like santa clause and it ages him by 10 plus years. My response to him refusing to shave is no sex....period. It feels like an animal has taken a home on his face and I dont mate with animals. Eventually he will shave.

 I'm In the same boat I hate it

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My husband grows a beard a few times a year and i barely kiss him when he has it. After a few weeks he misses me and shaves it ๐Ÿ˜‚ I don't mind fairly long stubble but once he trims his mustache it is so spikey and hurts

Some men have soft beards and a natural space around full lips. Some have a tough wiry beard, little space around lips and thin lips. The latter is painful, uncomfortable and for some women, rash-producing. Itโ€™s sad if the husband canโ€™t take into account the wifeโ€™s feelings. And yes, wet is gross. Try kissing a wet dish brush.

Haha my partner has a beard and goatee. I love it! When he does shave it off, it makes him look like hes got a baby face! I don't complain about it though, its his face/hair he can do what he likes with it. Just the same as me, he can tell me how he likes my hair but ultimately the decision is up to me.

 My man looks like a 15 year old with no facial hair, I feel dirty if he shaves. So I make him keep the beard.
You could always get one of his work makes to tell him he needs to tidy it up cos he looks stupid lol maybe he'll tidy it up to impress them

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Part of being in a fruitful marriage is to care for yourself and care for your partner and if you love her. What's the big deal, why cant you shave. Women shave for men and try to please their husbands in MANY ways. ... even doing things they dont particularly enjoy.... yet they do anything to please man... and care for him... and he cant shave??? That's just nasty... disgusting to hear a man cant simply shave for his wife.

 I wish my hubby would understand this
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Tell him it makes him look older and call him Dumbledore

Mine has beard and a mustache. He shaved them off a few years ago and I told him if he ever did it again I would leave. Men with facial hair are sexy as f**k.

 Ooooooh yeah. I love my hubbys bad boy goatee
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