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Getting a new job

Getting a job is all about selling yourself to the employer. What do you do when you don't have alot of self confidence? Fake it? I'm really uncomfortable telling people how good I am because I don't really feel that way.


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Absolutely fake it, and shift the focus from you to them.

Research the company and in your interview, mention the information you've found in your research and ask questions about the company, the people, how your interviewer came to work there, etc... Discussing your research and asking questions will give the impression that you have a genuine interest in the organisation -- Something which is prized amongst interviewers.

"What's your weakness?"

-- "Whilst I have a grasp on XYZ program, I would like to further my knowledge of it and learn extra functions." Or "I can be a people-pleaser and have been known to not say no, resulting in having extra work piled on to me (not always by management, but by lazy co-workers). The bonus of that, I have developed exceptional time-management skills, and chose to see it as a positive, in which I picked up more experience in the workplace."

"Why did you leave your last job?"

-- [If it's for less than stellar reasons], "There was nowhere for me to expand my knowledge/experience/be promoted to/it was a temp job." Or "Well, I'm looking for long-term - I do not have any desire to job-hop. I'm looking for something closer to home as I had a long commute each day."

"Why do you want to work here?"

-- "Well, based on my research, the company gives a fun, close-knit vibe, there's room for promotion, I have an interest in this type of work/what the organisation does, I love meeting new people which is a bonus of starting a new job, as is gaining new skills. Other bonuses which aren't at the top of my list of reasons, is the premise is closer to home. My previous role/any past role, I had a long commute, which becomes tiring after so long."

The questions I hate are "what type of animal are you in the workplace?" - Stupid effing question. And also, "what sort of money are you expecting?" You either over-shoot or under-shoot. I'd suggest just being honest, target a little above what you were on previously if it was adequate, and mention that you are a diligent, hard worker, always looking to better yourself and understand the importance of getting the job done. Also mention that you aim to do a better job than expected by management.

Good luck, love! xx

 I’m not the OP but Thankyou so much for your reply. It has really helped me.
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 Aww, you're most welcome. Happy to help, love! Xx
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You don’t have to necessarily fake it. If you get to the interview stage- they are considering you because of what you have, then you have to bring it out. A week out from an interview I change my whole life. I drink litres of water(I never drink water), I get my hair done, I prepare and prepare- really thinking about how I will answer questions, writing lots of drafts so I have a lot of material to draw on- thinking creatively how I will side step certain weaknesses and coming up with lots of strengths I haven’t thought of. I think do lots of mediation. I find a stress reducing YouTube 10min audio and listen to it at least 5times a day..restarting it whenever my mind wanders. When the nerves well up beforehand I take my deep breaths. I got my last one, when I thought I wouldn’t beforehand because I felt like you. But I got it. It’s not about being fake in my opinion as it is about preparing.. but faking it sometimes on a little bits sure.

It’s not about faking it, it’s about power and self-confidence. When you go in don’t give away your power let them know that you are in charge. You have to make them want what you have. That is the power and technique of a good interview.

I used to go in practically begging, then I did a skills assessment and compared myself to the competition and I realized the only person holding me back was me. I was too kind, modest, humble. I had all the skills and attitude but no self belief. Something is making you feel this way, neutralize it, you are worthy, you deserve it and you will get it. Be optimistic, hopeful and in control. No begging or second guessing yourself. Good luck.

It’s really hard. I get so nervous in interviews. The question I hate is “ what are your weaknesses”. What do you answer to that? You’re basically telling them what you’re shit at, why would you want to answer that?

 Tell them it's kryptonite. Hopefully they'll see you have a sense of humour 😂
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 Cool 😂😂😂😂
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