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When getting intimate with your significant other do you put something on top of sheets to catch any mess. Also after you finish do you get straight up and clean up or snuggle


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You people are a bunch of weirdos, just have sex and be normal..

 Hahaha exactly!!
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 YES! I couldn't imagine anything worse. Oh hang on let me put a towel down and prepare! MOOD LOST!
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I feel like your trying to organize it. Does Marie Kondo not have a chapter about it? What ever shall we do? I know I'll ask the SAHM forum. Just love your partner in a spontaneous & messy way.

Only lay a towel down if I'm on my period. We usually have a snuggle before clean up, unless it was anal in which case we shower straight after.

 Whoa - too much information!
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 Ladies, are your husbands going to be with you when your incontinent and shitting yourself all day? For the sake of your future self, reconsider anal. I care for older people, this is a real problem and its only going to get worse considering how common anal is these days. Protect your arsehole.
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 Anal is not a regular occurrence, but it does happen if the mood strikes. But yes, my husband will be there to clean my a*s if I become incontinent 😍
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We will sometimes put a towel down. But afterwards we don't snuggle. I don't want to be touched hahaha

Depends on the day. We usually have a towel or something handy to wipe up any excess bodily fluids, but don’t always lay it down before we start. Sometimes we snuggle for a while other days we get cleaned up first, just depends on the mood.

I squirt like the local CFA water hose. A towel ain't going to save me. Towels work to a certain extent but it can be frustrating

You wouldn't want a blue light on my sheets I tell you. It would light up like a Christmas tree.

I just change the sheets afterwards if we have any mess. I never put anything down. We get straight up. I like to have a shower after. I like to cuddle before not after.

We don't put anything down cause we don't make a mess. Depends on the mood how much snuggling we do before clean-up.