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Nits- big deal or not?

My 9 year old niece always has nits. She is never nit free. My SIL claims to treat them, but also says that since they are all through the class nobody is too bothered by it anymore. At my kid's school it's a big deal, they will call you to collect your child if they have nits. But apparently in my SIL's opinion it's not that important. After she leaves I comb my kids hair through straight away, am I overreacting. A bit confused because I always thought they something to be dealt with right away.


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Yeah your sil sounds lazy as f**k. I would be saying no to visits until those kids are not free

If I find them in my kids hair I cannot doing anything else until I've treated them. I can't stand the idea of my children having nits crawling around in their hair. It's so awful. I feel sorry for kids whose parents don't treat them.

Big deal. A few years ago I caught them off a friend who didn't treat her kids because "they'll grow out of them". It was awful. I would wake up to scratch an itch that just never stopped. I was miserable until I realized what it was. Then I spent the next few years paranoid. Who lets their kids suffer through that?? They aren't hard to treat. Sounds like the school needs to educate some very lazy stupid parents. They shouldn't be an issue in any school.

 Agreed. 'Lazy, stupid parents!'
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 I couldnt agree more. I caught them off my kids when I didn't realise they had them and they sent me insane. I was able to kill all the ones I had and kept them out but my poor daughter kept getting them everytime I sent her to school and I just really felt for her.
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 My mum moved us to a different school when we kept getting them. Never had a problem after that.
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Anyone else scratching their head right now? The thought of them and I'm itching.

kinder request weekly condition and comb method it was in the contract when we enrolled

My head itches just at the mention of them 😯 I for DO think they are a big deal and cannot stand the idea of them. Have had them three times (well my daughter has) and every single time they came from my nieces. I dont think my sister ever could be bothered to check their hair let alone treat them. We live in different states and arent really close but it really effing sucks that every single time we do see them our girls share their "friends" and leave me with the aftermath of treating four lots of long hair. We have never gotten them from school because i always put their up and i check their hair evety day/everytime i brush it. But my nieces are just constantly crawling with them which is just terrible parenting.

My daughter kept getting them consistently from prep to year 2, she has thick long curly hair down to her bum. I always treated her but it really seemed like a lot of parents didn't. It did eventually become "not a big deal" because we were so used to treating her constantly. I truly think the school was crawling with them, we changed to a private school (not because of the nits lol) and she's never had then since. I swear they were in the carpets and upholstery at her old school. Makes my skin crawl thinking about them now.

 What school was that??
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It's a big deal in my home. They drive me insane and I hate nits. I kept my kids home for a day so I could make sure I treated them properly, the school didn't mind but all they told me was it was ok for the kids to go providing treatment has been done. I constantly get the emails of nits have been detected in your child's class too.

They can carry disease. Of course they should be treated and removed.

Big deal. My daughter has had them 4 times this year then passes them to her 3 brothers because some parent at school is to last to treat their kids hair. My youngest son has ASD and can't stand anything touching his hair. It's painful for him and a night mare for me.

 My son has sensory processing issues. I feel your pain. If you blow dry dry hair on the hotter setting, it seems to dislodge the nits. He prefers this to the shampoo, which the smell and tingling really bother him. He uses earplugs to help with the sound and makes jokes about how windy it is. After that we set up his favourite show and I get about 18 mins to comb through with the little comb. Lastly, he showers himself as he normally would. I try to get a quick peek in the morning the next few days. Usually it means compromising on a less healthy breakfast or a special snack in his lunchbox to get a look, but you gotta go with what works sometimes.
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Find some other parents who want to do the right thing and complain to the school. I feel for the kids of course they should removed.

I told my son he was not to take his hat off under any circumstances and wrote a note for the teacher. It helped but he still got them a couple of times. Now I coat his hair in gel and they can't get through it.

We had an issue with nits at school they just kept coming back as some parents didn't treat them. I just did the comb through twice a week. I just couldn't keep putting chemicals on my kids.

 Blow drying before combing makes them slide right out
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If someone has nits then they should be treated. It's not a big deal, but treatment needs to happen every time.

As a kid, i always had nit,s my school had a big problem. my hair was checked every couple days and combed once a week And treated when they were found. My mum sprayed tea tree oil and water in my hair every day but i kept getting them! If i was sent home everytime i wouldn't have passed primary school lol. I do think they should be treated asap but think sending a kid home is a little OTT, especially if the entire class has them

 Depends if were talking afew nits or someone breeding a nit farm! Girl i went to school with had them crawling through her hair all the time- i even remember sitting at the same group of desks with her and they would fall into her eyebrows and on her books! Makes me feel itchy just remembering it!
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 Oh lord your comment made me feel sick. That poor girl must have really struggled to make friends.
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