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Going part time after separation.

A while ago I got a promotion at work, along with a good pay rise. It meant a lot more hours but my stbxh was happy to take over more at home so all was well. It didn't work as I would get home at 640-7 to my 2 and 4 year olds watching tv no dinner bath etc all was left to me. I ended up spending all the extra money outsourcing childcare and housework, my husband wasn't able to buy the new car he desperately wanted and our relationship ended. I was planning to go part time as we share care of the kids, financially my outgoings will be much less not paying child supply and child care fees so it was an easy choice.
My husband asked if we could split the cost of child care on Wednesdays as we alternate who has the kid's that day with our 50/50 access. I said no as I need longer hours that day, and I have arranged family day care, I explained how I will be home Monday and Tuesday with the kids.


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He lost if, our reasonably amicable split is now abusive texts and threats to take me to court for full access of kids. He is planning to cut hours too, but now can't afford to as I won't be funding it all. I don't know what to do but surely it's up to him to support himself?

  He sounds like an overgrown baby
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 I agree, overgrown baby!
Seek legal action!

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I think you should talk to your lawyer to guide you through your rights. You probably also want to keep things calm and smooth for the kids - when you get divorced/separate you swap one set of problems for another it would seem.