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Just for fun - Different personalities of your kids

My eldest and youngest are a lot alike, they are both big talkers, both more emotional and both need a lot of attention. My middle child is extremely quiet and needs little attention, he is about as emotional as me, showing very little but has a quick temper when pushed hard enough.

What are the differences and similarities with your kids personalities? Do they clash or are do they get along easily most of the time?


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My two are chalk and cheese

Oldest is reserved, old soul, hard to make smile, quick witted, honest, trustworthy serious, strong willed, caring thoughful generous terrible eater grumpy in the morning terrible sleeper, super co ordinated heaps of common sense

Youngest is so happy and bright, always talking, quick to laugh, great sleeper/eater. Wakes up giggling, zero common sense. Not very naturally considerate of others, cannot be trusted in a room alone, tells fibs to get out of trouble cheeky playful joyful

They are each other's opposite in every way but still in 4 years have barely had one fight. They compliment each other perfectly and are mostly inseparable

 Are you sure you don't have my kids. Sound very similar !
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My oldest is stubborn, moody and short tempered but is intelligent, keen to learn and loves history and science type things. Oldest is not afraid to show affection in public even this oldest is nine years old. Oldest likes to laugh and likes spending time with his friends and family. Oldest also loves playing sports and reading about sports. My gorgeous oldest is a sweet talker who knows what to say to get out of trouble with people who don't realise that he's wrapping them around his finger. Oldest has a beautiful personality but takes a bit to warm to people. Once he trusts you tho, you're his forever.

Youngest is five years old and a character. Has an answer for everything and is wise beyond her years. Comes out with classic one liners that make me laugh when I'm meant to be disciplining her. Youngest hates learning and sports but loves animals. Has a bad temper but gets over things very quickly. Five year old prefers to make people laugh than to laugh herself. Five year old is very sooky and doesn't like sharing me with other people. Five year old can be shy but once he's comfortable he'll show you how much of a clown he can be.

My kids are chalk and cheese but complement one another perfectly. They fight and argue but have one anothers back if someone hassles them at school or when we're out. They are both clingy with me and love cuddles and just being near me to the point where if I sit down on the recliner they sit on either side of me rather than on the other lounges.

Two beautiful souls that are so different but make our family of three perfect in my eyes

 *she not he. Stupid auto correct
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My oldest is quiet and reserved but has a great sense of humour. He is mature and very intelligent. He is slow to anger but watch out when he's at that point. He likes to help out where he can but he also likes to be in charge, to the extreme irritation of his brother.
My youngest is, let's say...spirited. He's been difficult since the day he was born. Has to have his own way and has to have the last word and is always on the lookout that he's being treated fairly. On the other hand he can be very sweet and loving, he loves a good snuggle and is always telling me he loves me. He too is very intelligent and asks questions that often make me stop and think.
They are 11 and 7. Arguments are frequent but they are generally brief and grudge free.

My kids get along really well, they kind of balance each other out. They are 12 and 9 years old. My eldest doesnt show much emotion, likes routine, is quiet, quick witted, funny, likes straight talkers and will give anything a go. My youngest is a real chatter box, emotional, smart, a bit aloof, self motivated and a real free spirit.

 Sounds a lot like my two,

What are their start signs?
Iv got a Sagittarius and Aquarius

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 Oldest is an Aquarius and youngest is a Capricorn.
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I have 4 children. The eldest and youngest have similar personalities, easy going, funny, avoid conflict where they can. My second child is fiercely independent and very confrontational, always arguing her point and is always fighting (verbally) with someone at school, always has to put her 2 cents in if I'm telling the other kids off for something. She is mentally exhausting. My third child is very quiet but also demanding and gets jealous of his younger brother easily. He's the kind of kid that will make sure he was given the same size chip or has the exact amount of drink in his cup as his siblings. He has a bad habit of bottling things up and he ends up having huge meltdowns.