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Why do people dress twins the same?

I've always wondered... I knew a twin who wanted a seperate identity from her identical twin sister and hated that they were dressed the same as kids, because as she said they were two different people. So I'm curious as to why people do it? Not judging just curious :)


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So they don't argue who's got the prettier outfit! They always want what each other have

Iv always tried to keep my twins "indentity" separate but for special occasions when they were young I did dress then the same- I swore I never would and my mum did it once when they were babies and I was like yeah that is pretty cute. So I get it.
Now they often dress in matching or similar outfits accidentally and fight over who has to change 😂
But one thing I learned with them getting older now is wether they like it or not the are different to just regular brothers and sisters. Their bond is just different.
Everything about twins is different yes they are individuals but in a way they are a unit. That no one else can share. They're their own team.

 But the simple answer is cos even though i said I NEVER would I realised it's adorable when it's your own kids
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 AND when they were about 2-5 they often chose to dress the same (that or dressed each other)
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Am I the only one who doesn't see it as cute?

 Do you have twins ?
I'm the one who sai I would never do it then realised when it's your own kids it's pretty cute
I use to hate it when I saw twins dressed the same and when I found out I was having twins - I swore I never would

Turns out your own kids make anything adorable

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 Me too
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 Yes you are the only one lol
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 I see it as weird & creepy. As bad as those women who dress the kids the same & then dress the same as the children- that's not normal.
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 We all dress the same in family photo shoots
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 Agree it’s weird
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Because some twin mummies like to embrace the whole twin thing.
My twins are boy girl. I often buy the matching boy girl outfits for family events.
Sometimes without meaning i pick out the same colour cloths. My boys nrl bunnies shirt/ green with a bit of red. I dressed my girl in a green skirt with green birds on a yellow top. Didn't realise until we were about to leave the house. I would have changed my girls top if it was red and green lol

I dont have twins, my boys are 3 and 20mnths. My 4yr old loves when he has matching clothes to his little brother. My 5yr old daughter wants to get pjs that match the boys to lol

I've got a friend who dresses her kids who are 2years apart the same and I get really irritated by it, despite the fact it has nothing to do with me at all. Haha it's almost an irrational hatred

It's cute

 I don't think it's cute I think it's weird
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I have a friend who dresses her twin boys AND their older brother identically.... and then complains when people ask if they're triplets?? I think in her case at least she is doing it for attention.

I'm an identical twin. Mum used to dress us the same but different colours to tell us apart. Yes, we were colour coded! I think she did it because it's cute, simple as that. Despite the colour difference, I don't know who is who in photos of us as young kids. Mostly, neither does mum so there goes her colour coding system hahaha! Even when we were dressed differently, telling us apart was difficult. As we got older it became easier to tell us apart as we developed our own style, and we are like chalk and cheese now.

 My indentical twins are colour coded

SeBastian is Blue or Black (the B)
Oden is in whatever lol.

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 And yes my twins are often dressed same outfit different colours or different shorts same shirt.
Cos they are even cuter when they are literally doubled cuteness.
Plus they often like dressing the same. They often go in and choose their matching outfit together.

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 I also use to put matching outfits on my girls when they were young (3 years between them) and they also often chose to be matching.
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My sister had identical twin boys & I know a lot of the presents she got from relatives & friends were matching sets of clothes in different colours. I think it actually makes it a bit easier, because you are so out-of-your-mind-busy with multiples (and singles) it becomes like a uniform (if you know what I mean), it's one less thing to think of - you get one outfit out then you get the matching outfit out = easy! Besides all that it is CUTE!!

I find it so weird, & annoying!!
This is weirder tho, my friend has a 7yr old & 3yr old daughters. When the 3yr old was born & wearing bigger clothes she started dressing them the same & has been doing it pretty much most days (except school days obviously). Seriously weirds me out!

 Yes! I hate this too. My friends are only 2 years apart and she dresses them the same, it's definitely not cute!
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 Yes! My mum used to do this with me and my younger sister. Then the 3rd girl came along and she even used to sometimes do it then! We went to a wedding once all dressed in identical outfits that my mum had made. It was especially embarrassing because i was the oldest.. 11 at the time, and i was dressed exactly like my 7 year old and 18 month old sisters!
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I find it weird. I have 2.5 yo twin girls who are NOT identical and have never dressed them the same. I have friends with Non-identical same gender twins and they dress them the same.
It's utterly beyond me. They are different people, and if one wants to wear what the other one is wearing - tough shit. It's not an option.
They often have the same style (ie jacket or jumper) but different colour or print. If I buy 2 the same, they never wear them at the same time.

 I'm a 30 y/o identical male twin. One of the hardest thing for me was to find my own sense of identity. For the longest part I was not me but part of them. And we were dressed similarly but had our own clothing. For example we both had a tasmanian devil tshirt but different prints and different colors.

I think dressing the twins identical is not going to help the individuality. They will just be seen as 'them' and outsiders wont treat them as individuals

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 I am so glad you feel this way! Im a mom with twin boys. It seriously aggravates me to see people treat two kids as one. Just bc they were born a min apart dose not mean they have to dress, burp, and fart the same time. Two diff people, two diff personalities. Buying two of one outfit, yes convenient. Dose NOT mean they have to wear it same day... plus friends have a hard enough time telling them apart at times lol make it easier. Brandon is in blue, Dillan is in red today. You’re welcome. 🤣
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I swore I would never do it!!! When my twins were younger I would dress them the same for special occasions. Also- they are 4 now and honestly sometimes it's just a matter of finding clothes on sale (they grow so quickly and go through so many clothes) and it's just easier to buy 2 lots of the sale stuff. Another reason is because one of my twins is autistic he wanders and runs away. Having them dressed the same at the park/play centre means I can identify them quickly if I need to. Besides - I'm proud of my boys, and it's a good conversation starter with other mums (especially twin mums) 'oh! I have twins too'
Anyway. That's my 2 cents. :)

 I understand the connivence of buying two of the same outfit.. but for the love of goodness they do not have to wear the same thing every freaking day. Let them be different. Just bc they are twins dose not mean they have to dress, burp, and fart at the same time. TWO different people. Stop it twin moms. Lol we have a hard enough time telling them apart.
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because they are attention seeking idiots.

 lol. My mum dressed my twin and I the same and she is the opposite of an attention seeker. I think it was just easier when it came to buying us clothes before we could pick our own. Especially as we were living in a remote part of the country with limited options. Two of everything she bought, so much easier.
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