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Am i the only person in Australia who hasnt had their CCS balanced?


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Possibly, mine was balanced Friday and so was a friend of mine. Hopefully yours won't be too far away

 Thanks for this, nice to see some progress somewhere!
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Mine still hasn't been balanced and I lodged my tax and received my tax refund in July :/

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 Me too
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 OP of this reply - after downloading the app (mygov online is unavailable?) I have found that mine has been completed and I have an amount showing but no payment date. Looking at other people's responses on FB, I think it takes a few days to show up. But a super positive to have an amount there and completed finally!
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 Thanks for this! Any news is good news atm!
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Got mine today. Well, the letter that we owed $190.

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Im stiiiiillllll waiting! Did my tax return on July 1 too! Anyone got any news on this?

 Oh wow! That's terrible! Maybe you should give them a call?
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 Yep done that, they keep telling me ‘two weeks’...
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 Such a shit show this year! 😤
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I still haven’t got mine. We did our taxes mid july 😒

 Just says it’sstill pending.
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What is CCB?
My husband hasn't even done his taxes yet. So nothing has happened with centrelink.

 CCS - child care subsidy
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