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What is a reasonable amount to spend on a engagement ring?

No big noters, no specifics, no bragging and no shaming.

I just want a rough idea of what your engagement ring cost.

And trolls - let's ignore the trolls.

Please and thank you.


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Mine was about $12,000, my husband said it's tradition to spend 3 months wages on an engagement ring and that was his wage when we were young. I don't know if that's just his family. I wear an opal ring he bought me when we were travelling instead usually because I'm terrified I'll lose the diamond.

 $12k on a ring is RIDICULOUS.
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 ^How exactly does this affect you guys? It's their business How they paid for it and how much
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Depends on the income. Mine was $4600 but it was antique so not sure how measures up against pricing for a brand new ring.
My advice don't get one too big they're really not practical.

Wait for sales! You could get a $3000 for $1500, or $2000 for $1000. Even a $1000 for $5/600.
It's still a large amount for many regular Aussies but $1000-1500 I'd say is probably average.
I know myself, I'd much prefer something bought in a sale, that didn't cost 2 months rent or the monthly mortgage repayment.
In theory it's about the love and committment, not bragging rights hey??

Mine was $50k

 I hope that baby is insured 😘
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 And has its own tracking device haha
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I think it’s relative to your income and lifestyle. Think about if it’s actually going to be worn and under what circumstances. Eg I’m a nurse and my work policy is no rings with stones while in contact with patients, so I don’t wear mine to work.
Keep an eye out for sales, do not pay full price.
Also consider the thickness of the band. You ideally want it to last a lifetime so make sure it’s thick enough to withstand daily wear and not a thin band that will wear over time.

 Sorry I didn’t actually answer your question of how much mine cost. It was bought 10years ago and I don’t know the exact cost as my husband chose it and bought it without me knowing about it. I’v looked at the price of similar rings and I’m guessing he paid $1500 to $3000.
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My dad bought my mum's for £1100 in the 70s.
And that's the ring I wear now.
I've looked at rings, but personally I cannot validate spending money on jewellery. Any jewellery

Mine was $12000 but my hubby bartered the price down to abt 10k or a bit under. It equated to roughly 3 months of work at that time. It’s worth it. A gorgeous ring and he really did his homework.

 So he got it from overseas?
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Mine was $100.
I lost it within a year, got another one again for $100 (at sales I think they were down from 400
And lost it again. Actually I lost the first one before we actually got married so we bought the cheapest one there to marry with it was a small island so we paid like $80 for a plain thin silver band. That one actually lasted the longest, till I lost it lol

Iv never gotten. New one since
Hubbys is a solid silver band for like $80, hasn’t left his finger in 7 years lol

What ever you do, do NOT go near chain stores. My brother bought an engagement set for his gf, spent $4000 for the wedding/ engagement ring set.. when they split he asked me to deal with the ring, camels wouldn’t give him more than $200 despite it only being bought from them for four months prior. I eventually found a hold buyer that took it for $500.
The diamonds were so small there were worth nothing. They even had made up the certificate of authenticity saying it was worth $4000

Spend the extra money on creating an individual one of a kind where they guarantee the quality of the stones.

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 I agree, i had my camels engagement ring from my ex turned into a pendant for our daughter by a local jeweller. It is stunning and valued at $4000 which is more than what we paid for the ring. It cost $800 to have it made with a mix of old and new gold, worth it to get a one of a kind piece.
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 Camels. Hahahaha 🤣
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 Hahahahahahah the camels made me chuckle! But my sisters partner spent $1100 on their ring and then I think he must've tried to sell it because he complained it was valued at $150 despite having the certificate that came with it
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I got a set from Michael Hill in 2013 on sale for $1500 roughly. I think it's the though that counts not the price. You marry for love not the ring. I no longer wear my rings instead I opted for a $10 band from Lovisa as in my job wearing those we're not easy as they rip gloves etc

$4,000. Enough to design what I wanted with a decent quality diamond. That was 12 years ago though.

My original engagement ring I think was around $300. It was beautiful, and not a typical engagement ring, but the shape wasn't practical, ie the diamonds sat too high, so would catch on things. I then got a bridal set (engagement and wedding ring) for $1000 from Michael Hill. I only wear them a few times a year. It really depends how much you are willing to spend, and how much you are willing to lose if you lose your ring. (Add it to your insurance if it costs a lot).