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Have you been left at the altar?


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I was the one who called it off. I couldn't promise him my life when he was destroying my soul, little by little.

Nope, he cancleed after eerything was organised and bought though

 This happened to me too. About 2 months out from the wedding he changed his mind
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 Sucks but he decided he wasnt ready. Its okay ill never be married or have more kids i have to accept it. 34 is too old to for me to marry in my opinion anyway.
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 ^youre never too old to be married. I married my husband when I was 37. He is my one and only 12 years on and we are happier than ever.

My grandfather wed his 3rd wife when he was in his 70s!

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 I had an ex call off a wedding after it had been booked and paid for. It was awful, but I'm glad now as it turned out to be for the best.
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 Weddings get called off all the time. My mum was a florist and saw it a lot. when my siblings and I had our weddings my parents didn't offer to contribute to the cost. They gift money after the wedding has actually happened. My sister had a wedding called off weeks before the day by the groom, and fortunately it was the grooms family to lose all the money for deposits.
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