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Thoughts on people who get engaged, have parties, get presents, break up & don't return the presents

I've seen this alot


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I would feel sorry for my friend who has broken up with someone she thought would be her husband one day and not worried about the gift I gave at all.

It wouldn’t worry me. Couldn’t return the gift and probably wouldn’t need it either. Going through a break up is hard, imagine after an engagement party. They can keep the wine glasses and use them to get them through the shitty time ahead 😂😂

How big are the engagement gifts you’ve seen?

 You are a little bitter this week aren't you
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 Oops wrong post
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I have a cousin that did this twice. The first time she got engaged I was unable to attend the party (it was interstate) but sent a gift along with a heartfelt card congratulating them and wishing them a lifetime of happiness. They broke up 6 weeks later. The second time (new guy) I sent a card, but no gift as we were barreling towards bankruptcy and couldn't afford to scratch our arses. I guess that offended her. They broke up a couple of months later. The third time she got engaged I just sent our well wishes with no card or gift. I wasn't invited to the party anyway, so no big deal. They got married and she hasn't spoken to me since.
Like bitch, I gave you a fantastic gift (some very nice crystal champagne flutes) the first time you got engaged. Why didn't you recycle that since you're so fond of recycling the "plans to get married"?!
She's since divorced her husband after less than a year of marital "bliss".
So, I tend to think - that sucks. I hope you're okay. And I hope that next time you decide to marry someone, that it all works out better.
If it happens a second time I think - nope. You're not someone I want to be close to. Thanks anyway.

 Hahah this answer. Shame for you her being a bitch but recycling LOVE IT
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Why do you give gifts, expecting them to be returned??
There are some really selfish people in this world

 Would you be happy wasting money
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 You are a little bitter this week aren't you
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We usually give money & would never expect it back, but it's annoying when it's multiple times. We have a relative who's been married once (for a month), engaged at least twice more since & we're expecting the next announcement soon. Luckily she's stopped inviting us so we take that as our invitation to not send a gift.

Generally it wouldn't worry me, I'd be more worried about my friend going through a breakup. Also it depends how soon after the party they breakup. And if they have likely used the gift. Like if I can't return it to the store why would I want it back?