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Haemorrhoid's I have a large lump and I can see it too. I can push a bit back in but most of the time it sits outside. I tried some cream just from the chemist to shrink them but it didn't work. Does anyone know anything that would work. I do need surgery for it. My obstetrician said to wait till after I have had more kids before I get it removed or it will come back. Has anyone had it removed had more kids and it didn't return.

How bad is the surgery and pain afterwards I am really scared about it and feel like I just want to get it over and done with.


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I had hemmerhoidectomy surgery. They didn't ask whether I was planning to have any more kids, just put me on the waiting list cos it was through the public system. The surgery was painful, all surgery is. Meds help. I was back at work after a couple days BUT my bowel movements (every evening) were incredibly painful & hurt for maybe an hour afterwards. That lasted a couple weeks. Warm water with the detachable shower head really helped.
I don't have hemmerhoids anymore but I do have a big 'skin tag' on my anus now which never goes completely back in. Doesn't hurt but feels weird & requires extra care to keep clean. In general things are better than they were so I'm not complaining.
Anyway the long and short is: wouldn't want to go through that surgery again so if the doc said there was a chance of reoccurring I would wait until you're finished having kids. Unless your hemmheroids are really constantly painful and you don't think you can bear to wait.

I got one after my first, I just left it and it went away and didn't come back with my second.

I know you are scared and want to get it over and done with, but if you do, you risk having to do it twice. Surely that is worse than waiting.

Try a high-fibre diet so you don't strain when moving your bowels. Hopefully that, with the cream, will help. Otherwise surgery may be the only way to get rid of them.