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Talking to step kids mum about health insurance.

We are updating out health insurance and plan to add my partner's two daughters for hospital cover. I don't think they need extras but not sure if their mum wants them to have them. I'm not sure if I should say we can add the extras if you pay for it as we will pay for hospital cover or just leave it? I don't want this to turn into another drama.


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Isn't this something your husband should be negotiating with his ex wife? Just stay out of it.

 If it was left up to him they wouldn't get any cover.
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 They should all be discussing it. Telling her just to stay out of it isn't good advice. If it her and her husbands finances she has a right to be involved in the decisions/discussions.
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Just pay the extras if you want the extras, surely you don’t need to consult her for such a thing esp since it will benefit the kids and her.
It’s usually not much more and possibly not worth having to chase up money or tye fuss of taking it out of child support

 Thanks, we can't afford to pay for the extras too so have just left it. I agree it's not worth chasing her for the money.
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Mind your own business

 It is her business, it's her husband and their money.
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I think you and your husband should pay for it if you want the benefit. Do you go halves in medical expenses? If so, you each get half the bill. If you choose to claim for your half and get a rebate then that’s yours to keep. Do the girls need dental or optical or do they play sport? I think if the mum wanted them to have extras she would have organised it by now

 We just want them to have private hospital cover Incase they need it. I won't worry about extras.
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I would just leave all of it. We paid for cover for my husband's kids and we were suddenly paying for all sorts of crap. We had to cancel it and that caused more issues.