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Early childhood director/owner yelling/intimidating children

I picked up my child early last week and witnessed the owner of the preschool yelling aggressively at a 5 year old boy. I don’t think this is a one off, as my daughter she’s she is scared of her because she always yells

Who can I report this to?


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Get out don’t worry about reporting it just get your own child out. That is a disgrace.

CARL would bey first go to. Other than that it would depend if its a franchise like good start or privately owned in that case there would have to be a board in your state that childcare centers would answer too

 It is privately owned
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I'm not sure but please be an advocate for this child. Find out who the parents are and speak to them. I would want that if that was my child.
No little kid should have to take that.

If you are in NSW, report to the dept of Family and community services.

 Thank you!
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