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Do you know sign language?

My 12 year old daughter and I would like to learn Auslan. For those who use it, is it hard to learn and how long would it take? Where did you learn it? We are in Perth.


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My 7 yr old stepdaughter taught herself by looking it up on YouTube. I have no idea if she's doing it right or anything, but she's doing it 🤷‍♀️

 That’s awesome!
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 I thought so. My SIL works with special needs kids and one of them was deaf and my stepdaughter took a shine to this kid and wanted to learn to communicate with him, so SIL showed her a few basics and showed her what to look for to continue learning on her own and she basically just went from there. They are great friends now
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 Absolutely beautiful. Your step daughter is amazing.
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 I like to think so. She's definitely a very kind, beautiful and thoughtful kid and hopefully she hangs on to that for life
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My mum did a short course and taught us the basics and the alphabet which is commonly used. I think it’s an admirable thing to learn, as essentially you are equipping yourself to communicate with others less fortunate than ourselves. I say to you! Try check out online courses or a TAFE (not sure if they care refered to as tafe in WA. Goodluck xx

 I say GO you! Hehe oops
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OP here. Thanks everyone. When I was 14 I worked with a deaf person. Everyone avoided her but I made the effort to try and communicate and I know she appreciated it. Over the years I’ve had customers at work who are deaf and I keep telling myself I really need to learn auslan so I can help these people. Life just kept getting in the way. My daughter recently won a leadership award and received $300 to put towards something that she’d love to do that would help her achieve a personal goal. She wants to learn sign language so she can communicate with kids who may be left out due to their hearing loss. It’s something we want to do together so we can practice and keep the skill.

 That's fantastic, your daughter sounds amazing 🙂
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 Thankyou 😊
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 I agree what an amazing young woman you are raising!
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I looked into it because I would also love to learn it. There is a online course through Auslan which is about $140. But yes lots of practice just like learning another language. Wow what an amazing daughter you have.

Our local PCYC/community centre offered Auslan classes last year. I found it to be quite simple to pick up and keeping it fresh after the course was difficult as I was the only person I know that did sign. I have forgotten most of it now. Maybe chat to your daughters school as no doubt there will be a few deaf kids there and teachers that do auslan that would be able to point you in the right direction and also offer guidance & someone to practice with

 Thanks. We are a part of our local PCYC. it’s never been offered there but I will ask about it. Our school has no deaf students but did have deaf parents a while back. There was an interpreter at assembly’s so the parents could be involved at school. I think it was amazing. We all need to feel included.
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 I absolutely agree. Our kids get taught sign at school as we have quite a few deaf kids in our community and always have an interpreter at assembly. It opens up the minds of the "normal" kids and makes them see and appreciate that everyone is different
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I know Auslan. Hardest thing is keeping up the skills as you need to practice a lot. There are also differences between states but you can be understood. Fingersl spelling is good to know. The grammar is different to spoken English. Body language and facial expressions are a big part of Auslan. It is a beautiful language. More people should learn it

I know a bit, im a swim teacher or comes in handy every now and then. It’s not too hard to get basics down. But to have any sort of “fluency” I found was really hard.

Honestly I think that would be an invaluable skill to have especially in a workplace in customer service. How wonderful to want to learn and teach your daughter

I did a short course at CIT- like tafe in the ACT. It's reasonably easy but requires lots of practice. It is not a direct 'one sign per English word' translation from spoken English to auslan. It has its own syntax etc. I enjoyed it but haven't used it in a long time so have pretty much forgotten it all.

In Perth North Metro Tafe teach it.

 Are children allowed to enrol tho?
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Both my daughters are learning auslan. My 8 year old has been learning slowly for 3 years and can communicate basically and my 6 year old has just started. My 8 year old has set a goal to sign fluently by age 10. And then to speak another language by age 15. They do it though school, but it's an extra "activity" so we pay for it.

 Fantastic! I wish my school offered it rather than Indonesian.
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You can learn the alphabet in literally 10 minutes. I have also got an app for auslan but haven't started it. It was free.