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Priceline, Mecca or Sephora? Which one is your fav and why?


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Priceline. It's cheaper and get cash rewards.
When is the next double point day?

 Don't know. But want to. I'll save up my shopping for then!
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 Priceline workers - when is the next double point day?
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Check out the website 'Beautypedia' it list a lot, but all makeup & skincare products, and tells you why they are good/bad. ie chemicals etc. It has professional reviews from the website and people also comment on what they though of the product.

Priceline, because I'm poor. Also, because I don't have to deal with overly pretty makeup gurus telling me how to do shit. Babes, I'm lazy, and barely have time to apply the shit, I need fast and easy results. This shit has been working for me this far into my life, I'm just gonna keep doing it this way.

none of them.
I use 'Paula's Choice' nothing bad in the products

David Jones not putting cheap poisonous shit on my gorgeous face

 You would be surprised how many harmful chemical are in 'expensive' makeup & skincare products
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Mecca because they have my favorite foundation from Urban Decay. I also love some other products from there but it's a treat for me to shop there. 😁 I do most my make up shopping at Priceline or even Chemist Warehouse. You can buy quality drug store make up, it's trial and error. 😊

I used to shop exclusively at Mac for my make up but lately have been finding their products to be pretty ordinary. Has anyone tried Jane Iredale products? They are meant to be better for the skin...

 Try Paula's Choice
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Priceline for me as;
-I get $ back rewards
-has the cheaper stuff
-more stores
-not pushy staff
-more variety

Priceline. Has the brands I like and I don’t have to get it online. I can walk into the shop and see exactly what I’m buying.