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Quitting smoking during pregnancy

About five weeks ago I found out I was pregnant and as soon as I took the test I never had another smoke.
It was surprisingly easy, I suppose I knew that it was the right thing to do.
Now for the last three days I have really been craving a smoke which is bizarre because it's been so long.
I haven't smoked but the cravings are pretty bad.
I also don't intend to smoke (I won't let myself buy a packet).
I'm thinking that it's the habit of smoking that's bothering me so I've gotten into my cross stitch and having lollipops. But the cravings are still there.
Dos anyone have any tips or suggestions?


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I am the same everytime i feel the urge i brush my teeth we no how horrible a ciggarette is after a minty taste in ur mouth it actually makes me feel sick and loose the urge i bet in 7 months i will have perfect teeth

OP That's a good idea!! Thank you!
We can take heaps of pearly white photos!

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Don't have too many lollipops! Eat an apple, or have some healthy snacks at hand like sliced carrots and celery so you don't overeat the bad stuff. Affirmations help. Write down all the reasons you're smoking and refer to it when you have a bad craving. Write down all the negatives too. I bet the negative points far outweigh the positive. And all the money you would have spent on smokes put away for something for your baby. Have a special account and watch it grow. You can do it!

 If lollipops help have them. Dont backslide. Smoking is far worse. I ate ice to help me... try gum or breath mints. While my friend was preg and i wasnt she said the smell of smoke on me (i didnt smoke around her but she could smell it) made her want to lick me lol!!! Its a weird condition called picka? Where you crave weird stuff. She wanted to eat smoke haha! Goodluck- one day at a time!
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OP Thank you!
The lollipops are mostly because I can take something from my hand to my mouth I think.
Second commenter; the smell actually makes me feel really sick, which is probably a good thing! When my Mum was pregnant with my little sister she was the same, she hadn't smoked in 15 years!

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 The reason I said not too many lollipops is because they can damage your teeth and you need to take special care of them in pregnancy. If healthier options work, try them. And if only lollipops will do it, then they are better than smoking.
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OP No, that's okay; your response was helpful, honestly.
Besides, I posted that tongue brushing makes me vomit one a while ago, so I may want to be careful! Lol

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