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What to get for daughters 6th birthday?

Hi ladies, my baby is about to turn 6 and I have no idea what to get her!! Have a few little things like Lego and some books but really don't know what else to get, and trying to avoid to much plasticky crap. Any good suggestions?


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My soon to be 7 year old will be getting her ears pierced for her birthday. Maybe you could take your little one out for a girly day? Or some other experience? My mother took me to the opera for my 10th birthday, and it is such a special memory now. I can't remember all the physical presents I was given over the years, but I can remember every time my mum and I would spend time together doing something special just for us. Every time. The time we went and got our nails done for my 9th birthday, the Christmas Eve we went to midnight mass, the day she pulled me out of school early just so we could get coffee together. All the best memories were experiences, not toys.

 Beautiful, lucky you
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 I agree. I'm taking my 8yr old horse riding as one of his birthday presents. He used to go horse riding regularly but due to clashing schedules he can only go on school holidays and it's with a group of other children so he's getting the day off school and it will just be him, the instructor and myself.
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Pretty pens and paper, a diary, I made my daughter a fairy garden

How about a room makeover? New doona cover, a few posters in frames, re-arrange/re-paint furniture if needed. This would also mean some great bonding time!
we did this for our son at 5 (now 8) and couldn't believe how much he loved it and still loves the things he picked.
Had the funny added bonus that his room got the most enthusiastic clean out ever!

I made my daughter a fairy zen garden for her bday. I bought a $15 dollar round metal side table/tray on a frame/stand and basically filled the tray with coloured rocks, pretty stones and gems from the cheap shop. Then I added a few "fairies" also from the cheap shop as well as a small ceramic oil burner for their house. Its seriously cute and she has spent hours playing with it.

Could you ask her what she wants? Maybe give her a price guide too. Lots of kids love the freedom of choice.

Cignet? ring (get it engraved), pedicure and manicure, watch, paints/ brushes/ canvas and an easel, new outfit/ movie voucher/ dinner, kids Garmin or basketball/ netball hoop.

I would look for a stage show or a concert... maybe a weekend away with her?

My 6yr old is into baebies ATM so we got some of that stuff, plus a new tablet. She also got a tv for her bedroom to watch her dvds on as we were over watching disney all the time. I always buy new clothes for bday and xmas (coz its something thatll ill have to buy anyway- just makes it more fun for her that she gets to unwrap them, and makes the pile look bigger) lol

 Barbies* stupid fingers
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 Everything kids don't need.
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 Well im sure she will outgrow them pretty soon so its not a big deal... i let my kids enjoy themselves 😆 and honestly, i dont see any problems with what ive bought- she likes barbies (big deal) has a tablet for when we travel to see family etc, she hardly uses it much during the week and on normal weekends, tv before bed for 45mins...
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