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Formula for silent reflux please.

Can anyone please recommend formula for my 6 week old who has silent reflux? rhnaks so much


Answers (2)

Call the heath line or a doctor. It depends on what's causing the reflux.

Any thickened formula will work. Look for AR written on the tin.

My son was also given a thickener which I added to my expressed breast milk before I switched to formula.

The thicker formula is also iron enriched so be prepared for green poops and even some constipation.

Don't rush to change formula if this happens as it can take a month for bubs to adjust to the formula and switching just results in prolonged issues. Your pharmacy can recommend a laxative medication should constipation occur.

AR formula may not stop the reflux completely either so be sure to keep up all of the other soothing methods recommended by your gp.