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Are you an organised mom when it comes to housework ?


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Yes and no… I don't have a set cleaning roster, just do things when they need doing. But at the end of the day, the kitchen is clean, toys are away and the house is nice to get up to in the morning. And I have not yet been embarrassed by unexpected guests - the toilet is always clean, the kitchen is never disgusting etc. The worst people see is a bit of unfolded laundry and maybe some clutter on the table

 Same here ! I think because in on top of ot everyday I never have to do a "big" clean
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 I'm the same. I do a little bit throughout the day such as laundry, washing dishes, tidying and vaccumning. Always go to bed with the lounge room tidy, dishes done and benches wiped over. House is always good to wake up to and it's only takes like 20 minutes to do the quick tidy up after my 2 year old is in bed.
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Used to be till having number 3 a few weeks ago. Now it's taking me a bit to get used to the change, and figure out a new routine that works with the extra workload and less time

 I had my 3rd 9 months ago, it does get easier 😄
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 Yep my third (miss 2) is the most helpful cleaning and organizing stuff lol. She loves helping mom:)
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Absolute not. I try but I just don't know how to be one of those super organised mums. My brain doesn't work like that

 I am very unorganised and untidy. I found going through the house and making sure everything had a place to be put away. It's getting easier as I can now actually tidy the house and once tidy it's easier to clean. I have a white board on the fridge with the weeks schedule, meals for the weeks, medicine the kids have had and things I need from the shop. This has helped me so much. Fly lady's cleaning routines have saved me too.
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I'm a solo mum, work 5 days a week. so Saturday mornings are where we play catch up! Myself and my two boys all help with the washing, vacuuming, dusting and mopping plus general clearing up. its a team effort but it works. they are 11 and 7 btw,

No! I'm terrible. I just can't seem to stick to a routine... I feel awful about it because the house is in chaos..