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Do you give up your seat on public transport to the elderly, disabled, a parent holding a child, or for pregnant women?

Please feel free to elaborate in the comments.


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Yes. And hold doors open for people struggling with prams and so forth. Basic human decency isn’t it.

Earlier this year we went to Singapore with our small children and travelled the metro a lot and without fail someone would give up their seat for us on every trip. Even when we said we were fine standing, someone would give yo their seat anyway. You do not see that level of courtesy here

Well I'm pregnant lol but would give up to someone further along

I normally do offer my seat. I was raised that way. But I'm currently 8 months pregnant so, unless you're old or disabled, nope. Sorry.

Yes, If I have my children with me I will not hesitate to tell a teenager to hop up for someone who needs it to sit down. They are always just like oh yes oops.. because they're in their own little social media world.

I’ve never needed to but I would if I had to. I’d be the parent holding the child now so I don’t think anybody would expect me to get up.

No, because I don't use public transport. If I did I would give it up for the frail or disable. I wouldn't offer it to an older person just because they are older, this might be offensive.