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Back at school, big improvement during lockdown

Did anyone notice a massive improvement in their kids learning? We did literally almost nothing of the set learning or videos, just the 4 pages of worksheets that were sent home at the start. (For the whole week. No more than half hour work.)

We just did our own learning with a heavy focus on words. I did a lot of different approaches, we probably only did about 3 hours a week. But my son, who has dyslexia ,has gone up 4 sight word levels in 3 weeks. (We did nothing at all for the last 2 weeks then it was two weeks “holiday”)

Not to mention he was an gem. He’s a good kid in general but when he loses it he loses it, and That had stopped completely. His small “attitude” moments Also dissapeared.

His teachers have remarked about his huge improvement....

Soo here’s my thing. I think I was able to get him to engage because he wasn’t so mentally exhausted from “school” that he could actually learn .... continued in comments


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I'm wondering whether the rush to get kids back to school was because they were worried we would all clue on that it's actually better for our kids to be at home...???
I think both my kids have thrived and learnt so much more than they would have at school.

 Same here. I was shocked how little we did and how much my son has picked up.
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 I think the rush to get them back was for two reasons.

One is the huge amount of kids not doing any work at all.

The main reason is to send taxpayer parents back to work. They've admitted this. It's good, but also bad.

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 Nope. My kids learn far better at school. Im very well educated but Im not trained as a teacher, and since the 3 of them are in different year levels that adds a layer of complexity that isnt there at schoo.
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I thought my DS was doing better at home because I could work on his emotional regulation and strategies to combat the constant fight to get him to do the work he didn't want to do. (He's high functioning ASD, luckily got the above average intelligence trait but also the why should I? one).

He went back to school Monday. Yep. He's staying there. He was ridiculously happy when I picked him up. Back with his friends - and the teacher knows maths much better than mummy, apparently!!

I'm happy for the experience, though. I've learned exactly what he's been up to first hand and know where I need to get his therapists to focus.

OP My son cried on the Tuesday, for over half an hour. Full sobbing about just wanting to stay home 😞 he has settled in now.
I just don’t know if I’m making the right choice

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My children aren’t in school yet (about to be) but I have made the decision to homeschool as well. The benefits of homeschooling are massive, the list goes on!
I use to be really naive and thought homeschool kids/family were odd until I took the time and looked into it myself.

OP 💕
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Answered by OP

I feel like it was so easy for us to do a few hours a week and see so much improvement that he hasn’t achieved in over a year, and everyone seemed happy.

I’m now questioning if I pull him out of school.
He’s a bright kid but just can’t get it the way they teach. And his school is amazing they’ve provided a lot of support.

I also wonder iv read a lot about many studies that suggest children actually mostly aren’t ready to read till 7. And when they start at 7 it’s picked up much faster because they are “ready”

Iv also read studies relating to tooth loss and “readiness” (I know many on her will think it’s nonsense) but he has lost 6 teeth in 9 months.
He’s teachers have notice what iv noticed that something has “clicked”

I will absolutely wait it out and see how he goes at school but am I crazy for considering homeschooling after seeing them improvement?
I know 4 families in our community who’ve decided to give homeschooling a go.

 Look up Waldorf Steiner education.
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 I don’t think you can group all kids into one category which is what mainstream schooling does. My daughter learnt to read 7 she is dyslexic, my son was 4. He could read before he went to school.
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 That's cool. My friends daughter read at 4 too. She lacked comprehension though
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You're not crazy for considering homeschooling. You are the expert on what works best for your situation. If you have the time and inclination to homeschool, do it. Children often do learn things easier in a one on one tailor made setting. Schools are great for a lot of reasons, but they're aiming to teach generically enough so that the largest number of children learn it. I always think of schools as teaching the baseline minimum of things. And then it's up to the student and their families to expand on those lessons.
Go for it. There are so many resources available for you. Check your states department of education website for what you NEED and check out Facebook for recommendations on things that will make it easier in your area. Like support groups, where to go for practical lessons, etc.

OP 💕💕 thankyou
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 You're welcome. Could you update us please once you get the ball rolling on homeschool? It's something I'd like to do myself, our situation just doesn't allow it. But I'm always keen to read about peoples journeys with home education.
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You know your son best and from what you’ve described/ explained, it sounds like homeschooling would be perfect for him. Good luck, I’m glad things are looking good for him. I have two teenagers and they loved home learning during this crisis. They said they learnt so much more without classroom distractions. My 15 year old fidgets and needs breaks after half an hour. He’d go shoot some hoops for 5 minutes and then get back to learning. He can’t do that at school.

Hi I've been a homeschooling mumma for a few years now I suggest that you try homeschooling for a year write out your own work plan with the learning style that works best for him set monthly goals what you liked to achieve each month homeschooling is designed to work at the child's pace and to their abilities.You sound like you have a passion to teach your son and should be extremely proud of what you already achieved academically during lockdown . There is a number of resources online to help navigated the homeschooling journey .

Awwww well done to the little guy 💕

OP 🙏🏼💕
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