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I suffer a lot of mental health issues COVID19 hasn’t helped, I speak to my psychologist regularly but I have let myself go in terms of grooming even simple grooming of shaving my pits in effort.

Does anyone else feel like this and how did you get back to being fully groomed. Money is a bit tight so can’t really treat myself to a facial or something similar


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Lack of self care and the way you describe small tasks as a huge effort can be symptoms of depression.
For me, I need to break things down into really small tasks. Set little goals like I will put a clean razor in the shower next time I go to the bathroom. I will find a clean outfit and put it at the end of the bed. Build a bit of momentum.
Consider making yourself accountable to someone else eg. I am FaceTiming with my friend at 3, so I will wash my hair, brush my teeth and put on lip gloss/moisturiser (whatever your personal aim is).
Try to get some exercise and a sleep routine happening.
And keep talking to your psychologist.

 Thanks for xcercise isn’t a issue I walk 3-4km a day, I am isolated a bit and don’t have anyone to talk to etc so being accountable to someone else isn’t a option. I also have a neck issue which causes me dizziness when washing my hair ect
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Just start with brushing your teeth every morning and having a shower everyday. How about today you jump in the shower and shave your underarms? Just do it then see how you feel. Reward yourself with some choc cake and tea and be proud you fixed a problem that was bothering you, then perhaps commit to shaving every Tuesday to keep on top of things. Start small, add from there, if you do nothing else today except what ive written above consider that a win and just aim for a shower and clean teeth tomorrow ❤️

Just start by doing something that makes you feel good. It’s winter, don’t stress about hairy pits, just cover them up if it makes you uncomfortable that other people might see them 🤣 as long as they’re clean and deodorised who cares what your pits look like. maybe start by washing and styling your hair (head hair) one day. Make a date to go out and do something and just put a little effort into your appearance. Even if you’re just running errands, who cares what the occasion is.

 Thanks it bothers me and causes me to have sore arm pits etc. unfortunately nothing makes me feel good and everything listed seems a huge task
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I don’t shave my pits much in winter. No one sees them except my husband who doesn’t give a shit.