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How young is too young for purees?

My baby is only 10 weeks old and i keep getting comments from family, friends and even strangers about how keen my boy looks at food- and that i should give him a teaspoon of rice cereal or something? His weight gain is great, he is only breastfed so far. I feel its too early- my daughter didnt start til about 4.5 months (back when 4mnths was the recommendation) now its 6months i believe. He isnt showing any signs of starving- he is really needy for boob late arvo until about 9pm but he is fine during the morning, day and even great through the night (1 or 2 feeds) just late arvo he feeds for what feels like hours on end. Should i try a bottle of formula during that time rather than food? Or since his weight is normal should i keep BF and put up with the 'annoying' arvo shift lol...


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10 weeks is waaaaaay too young. If he's looking at food it isn't because he's hungry. At that age, which is still newborn stage how could he know what it is? He's looking at it because the shape, the colour, the movement as it goes from your plate to your mouth is interesting. If he's gaining weight as he should, keep on doing what you're doing. And ignore unsolicited advice.

Your baby is cluster feeding it's normal for babies to breast feed more frequently, for longer periods and always at dinner time, it's supposed to be so they sleep better at night, mine never did though.

Way to early. 6 months is what is recommended now so I'd stick with that. Plus its so much easy when they just have milk especially if your breastfeeding, no dishes, mess or cleaning required.

Keep BFing, every so often they have periods of cluster feeding, which is how your body will know to make more milk for the growing demand of your growing baby. It's a pain in the bum, but it will settle down soon. It is definitely too early for purée- you're right, the current recommendation is 6 months. It's exciting at first to try them out on food, but once you've started its a pain in the bum lol and you'll dream of the 'easy' days when you could just pop a boob out!

Way too young. People used to say the same to me about my kids, I gave up saying no and either stayed silent or changed the subject. I went with the recommended 4 months with my older 2 and 5.5 months with my youngest (really he was about 6 days off 6 months).

At four months they can have tastes but not more than a bit to suck off their fingers or something. Before that just milk.

No way! Way too young, the digestive system is still developing

suggestion is after 4months but before 7months. too early or too late and they can loose intrest or become easily frustrated and just give up

Started from 3 months with both kids with no issues, they didn't eat a whole lot but enjoyed tasting. Got go ahead from dr before hand.

Both good eaters still.

Don't both with rice cereal/farex. It tastes revolting!

Might be worth checking with GP especially if there are any allergies in the family but as the recommendations change all the time and might not suit your child anyway, juust do what you feel comfortable with. :)

Any time under 4 months is too young. From 4 months you can start rice cereal