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My little sister

I just... Need to vent. I have a little sister who is 21 and she had her first baby 4 months ago. She can't afford the baby, never had a job in her life and lives with her boyfriend and the baby at my mums house who has barely any money as it is. She constantly asks to borrow money from my mum and she always obliges because its for her grandchild and she feels she has to. Well guess what. She's just found out shes pregnant again and on top of that the government have offered her a house. I feel like I work so hard and yet she's coddled and given everything just because she's had a baby... And now will have another. And she's said she wants 4 or 5! Neither her or her boyfriend work or pay their way and I'm just... Frustrated. She's a taker and my poor mum suffers the most.


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It's hard to sit and watch. But at least her being offered a house gets her out of your mum's.
Things will get more and more expensive for her and her bf as babies grow their needs are more expensive so more fool her.

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 Yes I feel for you. We are all human afterall and your feelings are real for you. I think you're growing apart from her and I'd just distance myself, you have every right to surround yourself with people who are good for you, not those who do your head in. I have successfully done this with some in my family and after 10years all I can say is thank god. I don't have enough in common to waste my worries and feelings on them, especially when they only care about themselves. Goodluck!
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 I agree with both of these. It’s really hard to watch; I’ve been there.
Not sure what advice to give but best of luck to you

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Tell your mum how much it hurts seeing her get used. They need to take care of their own child's needs. What will happen if your mum isn't around one day? I havee family like that and its infuriating, so I really feel for you.