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Ladies who have only had C-Sections, how painful is Mirena insertion / removal in Doctor's office?

I know it may be a first world problem, but here goes .....
I've had 2 C-Sections, due to my very narrow pelvis. I decided on the Mirena for contraception. My doc advised me to have it inserted/removed/changed while under GA (General Anesthetic). He has tried with previous patients in the clinic, but it was too painful, because the cervix has never opened up. So I've had the last 2 Mirena's done under GA. It's due to be changed tomorrow, althougth it's been cancelled due to COVID-19 (totally understandable). My Gyno wants to try it their clinic today, no GA. I'm worried & anxious about how painful it will be, but I have no choice, it's due to be removed.
Does anyone have some helpful advice?


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Hi Ladies, thanks for taking the time to reply with your experiences & advice. I really appreciate it. I had a couple Panadol & Nurofen before the appt, tried to be calm & concentrate on my breathing (I was a bit anxious about the possible pain & being able to complete the appt). There was of course some discomfort & a bit of pain & bleeding, but was able to complete the change over. The Gyno wants me to have an ultrasound though, to confirm the placement is fine. Once again ladies, thank you!

 I'm glad all went well. Sounds like you nailed it. :)
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It hurts for either as your cervix isn’t open at the time. Nothing to do with if it has ever opened. Just get another form of contraception

 Thanks for your reply. I was thinking I'd just need to have a different contraception, probably the Implanon, but this Mirena needs to get removed.
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Fine when it was taken out, no pain.
Take deep breaths in and slowly out , try to stay calm and relaxed. Focus on something and breathe slowly. It didn't hurt the first time she tried. It was the next 6 times she tried. But turns out I have endometriosis now and polyps and fibroids. Which is why mine was extremely painful the next few times she tried to insert it.

 Thanks for taking the time to reply, I tried to relax & take deep breaths.
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I had it inserted after only a c section in the office and it was painful. I was shaking and sore afterwards and bled heavily. It was a female obstetrician who I later discovered had a reputation for being rough.
The gp who took it out didn’t understand why I was nervous. When I explained she was horrified, said if I’d never had a vaginal birth it should have been with anasthesia.

 Thanks for your reply. That's what I'm concerned about, my doc said a GA is best, as I haven't had a vaginal birth..
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I’ve had 2 natural births and went to have my Mirena our a few months ago but the doctor was struggling to grab it and it hurt me a a lot so I’m waiting to have it removed under GA.

 Thanks for your reply.
I'm dreading today's appt, I'm sure it'll hurt too much.

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 If it does, tell your doctor to stop. It shouldn’t hurt coming out. If it does, you will
Need the GA

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 Thanks, I'm in the waiting room now ....
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No C sections. But it's just like a pap smear well it was for me. The insertion hurt a tiny bit, more so uncomfortable. And having it removed was something. The speculum going in was the most uncomfortable part. Was over within 20 seconds. After I have my baby I will have the Mirena put back in. I loved it. Worked great for me :)

 Nothing**** not something
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