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Have you been to a 21st where you buy your own drinks?

I am trying to plan my daughter's 21st birthday party, she wants a party with her dad's family and mine (we split years ago). My daughter wants one with both sides of family, and having issues with who pays for what. I was thinking of paying for food cake and venue, and will ask her dad to pay for drinks. It's more than likely he won't pay so there people with have to buy their own. Would that be ok?


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Iv actually me ever been to a 21st where drinks are provided. except for maybe champagne for a toast. I thought byo for 21sts was the norm

I wouldn't expect free alcohol. In actual fact my husband and i went to one and were legitimately suprised they had a bar tab. If i had of known i wouldnt have agreed to be designated driver 😂

I wouldn't expect free drinks at a 21st.
Plan the party and just go halves in the lot?

 This is the plan, but her dad won't pay and I will be stuck paying all of it.
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Drinks are too expensive now, it would run well into the thousands. Buy your own drinks is the thing for licensed venues.

bring your own, no issues. Buy your own, also fine, but understand that people wont stay long if they are expensive

I never been to a 21st or 18th where there was free booze. Always b.y.o.b, bring your own booze

 Host is a tight arse
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If you are organising the party I would expect you would pay for everything. It's not like a wedding. Just work within your budget. Most parties are BYO drinks so I don't see any issue with you not supplying alcohol.

You could pay half or just have a standard beer and wine for free and they can pay for any spirits.
Nothing wrong with that at all.

I have. It was fine, nobody minded paying for their own drinks. Most places do the happy hour thing so make the event during then so drinks are cheaper or ask the venue if they will do cheaper drinks for guests on the event.