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How much did your pillow cost?


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$100 we have high firm latex pillows as my neck goes out easily but the support these pillows offer means it hasn’t gone out in months. It’s worth it to sleep better. King mattress $1000

We got the dunlopillo that barefoot investor recommended- it’s amazeballs- I think about $100

 Are you 12 ?
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 Am I 12? Because I followed the advice of a famous financial advisor whose methods have got thousands of people out of debt and living their best lives? Or because I said amazeballs? 😂😂😂😂😂
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 Amaze balls
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 Lol ok 🤣
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 Yeah, I hate that word too! 🤣
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I’m literally the biggest bargain hunter for everything ... not my pillows though. Not my pillows.

$200. Goose down pillow that i bought on my honeymoon. It was a total splurge.

About 45 bucks each. And as usual the kids have better quality ones because they need them more, their pillows were around 60 each.
Dear God lets not talk about mattresses 😓

 Mattress more dollars than sense i bet

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 My queen mattress cost $8,500

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 My mattress cost $599
You girl have rocks in your head ^

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 Not everyone spends all their money on IVF Brenda.
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$75. Need it for my neck and 100% worth it to be able to wake up without a sore neck and shoulder every morning. But go figure, hubby just has a $15 feather one from target and he loves it. Stole it off me because I used to put it between my knees when I was pregnant lol

About $100, but would pay double if needed. I just spent $70 on a compressible travel one. Not waking with a migraine from my neck issues is worth every penny.
Kids & hubby have decent pillows too.