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What bb or cc cream do you recommend?

I'd like recommendations on some everyday tinted creams to give coverage yet not as thick as foundation. Easy to apply too.


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I love the natio brand. It doesn't tend to break me.out like others do

 I love natio too. It's not as heavy as some of the other brands
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 Yep I agree and it's got a dewy looking finish which I love
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OP Sounds like this is worth a try, thanks!
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Missha m bb cream. Go on their Australian website m- you can get 3 different coloured samples to try for around $5. The sample sizes are big enough to last quite a while too.

I like garnier bb cream. Though during winter my skin changed colour/i lost the tan and the shade i had started to look ridiculous. Just something to consider.

OP Yes I find winter I need lighter shade than I do in summer.
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