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Solid for 7 month old baby

Do you follow any guidelines when feeding your bubs solids? ( A guidelineyou have got from your go or through any articles) or you just follow your instincts accordingly to your bubs likes?


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The guidelines are always changing so you will get different advice even from different health professionals. With my first I did purees, started with apple, and the standard vegetables like carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato. And mixed them up for various taste experiences. Then purée meat which he did not like. It looked awful so I do not blame him. He much preferred sucking on chunks of meat once I introduced less blended foods at about 10 months.

I also made my own rice cereal using well blended brown rice mixed with breast milk. After he was well established on purees I started with beef stew and pasta, all very soft.

Honey, eggs, nuts I introduced after the age of 1.

With my second, I did a mix of the above and baby led solids. I was far more relaxed second time around, but the honey,eggs and nuts waited until after her first birthday.

OP No dear what i wanted to.know about the amount you give as meals( grams / mls) you give...
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 Oh dear, your question was incredibly vague....
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I'd let my son eat until he didn't want any more. I didn't follow guidelines for amounts but he didn't have a big appetite to begin with anyway averaging about 1 teaspoon at the start for very first foods. Started with pureed apples followed by bananas, pumpkin and potato. Tried each new food for 1 week.

I followed the guidelines given to me by the nurse ( a brochure) and advice from my Mum in terms when to start, what to give, when to give them eggs and peanut, fish etc. In terms of how much I just gave my baby what they wanted. I soon knew if he wasn't hungry or if he wanted more.

I didn't follow guidelines just took bits of info or advice and tried different things. I started with puréed meat & veg.

I mostly trust instincts now. But with my first (who was a very sick little girl) I was all about following the guidelines the child health nurse provided. The second baby I was less rigid about it but still stuck within their rules. Now with my third, they say the rules have changed. So she gets whatever I fancy giving her (obvs within reason, and purèed to her level of gooeyness).

OP Hi thanks... i meant by guidelines was weather you adhere to the amounts given in those guidelines
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OP Mg nurse or the gp never have given me any guidelines. ... im having my 2nd bub... she s 7 months now... i was just wondering weather other moms get any guidelines
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My doc said not to intro more than one new food per meal and not to do more than 2 per week.

I found the information on child youth health website (SA) very useful.
Dont stress too much as long as your baby is gaining weight but still having milk. Milk should be the primary food until 12 months then after that solid foods are the primary food.

I puree until about 8-9 months, apples, pears, carrots, pumpkin at first. Try one food at a time and for a few days incase of allergies, then introduce another. Pear is good for constipation, which can happen when they first start solids. After 8-9mths I go to baby led weaning which is foods cut into pieces they can hold well. Pieces of beef and chicken, broccoli, sweet potato, well cooked carrot sticks. You can get mesh feeders from the supermerket for melon pieces, strawberries etc. Baby led weaning can be a bit scary at first but make sure you know the difference between gagging and choking. There are heaps of websites for both puree and baby led weaning. Hope that helps

OP Ye dear thanks....what i wanted to know was the amount you give..... do you adhere any measurements .... or you just give as much as the bub needs
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