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I'm falling out of love with my husband after 12years, but too scared to leave we have 2 kids.


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For marriage to work it requires falling in love with the same person over and over again.
Go to couples counselling! Even if it's just a few sessions. Try treating him how you want to be treated. Put love notes in his work bag, take an interest in what he's doing, send each other funny memes during the day when you're apart, ask him to teach you how to play a co-op game on the PS4 (I love playing with my hubby and kids!) and buy him little things like his favourite biscuits or sweets.
If he's a good man then he's worth trying to mend things. You go through ups and downs with marriage. Maybe he's feeling depressed and that's why he's distant.
If you can give your kids a loving family home where you teach them that you work through your problems rather than run away, and how to have a healthy relationship, rather then, when something's not working we give up, then they'll remember that for the rest of their lives.

 This is a fantastic answer - exactly what I think!
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Just the lack of everything. I believe we are growing apart. We dont talk like we used to. Hes always on the pa4 or his phone and ive tried telling him to spend some time but he isnt interested

He might change if you lay it on the line. Suggest the changes you want to see see how he responds. Counselling?

The couples counselling advice is something I'd take. Say you're growing apart and you need it. It's worth it.

My kids are 6 and 4.
My mum knows im not happy she doesnt know everything and few other people know.i just dont like pretending

 Have you thought about counselling? You loved him once. If he's changed for the worser maybe he can change back for the better ?
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How old are the kids ? Do you have support from family / friends ?

How to leave is my question.
I havnt been happy for awhile, we have been talking about trying to make things better but just doesnt seem to be. Snappy at everything i cant even get a msg without 20 questions

Has he done anything for you to feel this way? If not maybe we just need to reconnect and put the effort in.