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Just letting you all know that we have the green light for four clinical psychologists to answer all your burning question about mental health - totally anonymously! Stay tuned! Cheers, SAHM Admin.

by SAHM Staff Report

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See, SAHM is worried enough about all the crazy shit that gets posted here, so they've called in the big guns!

 I just want to talk about poo. Nothing crazy goes on here
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How will we know the question is being answered by one of your psychologists? Will there be something to identify them like there is Admin?

 Of course there will be.. Are you for real 🙄
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 Yes for real. Why be so rude?
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 It isn't stupid. SAHM admin, some time ago started a thread inviting people to asked mental health questions that will be answered by a psychologist. I have no idea if the questions were given to a psychologist, the psychologist was responding in the thread or people were pretending to be a psychologists, because people were repsinund to the questions asked within that thread. Seeing as SAHM are again inviting people to ask personal questions, a bit of clarification on this point is not an unreasonable request.
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 Do you really think they'll employ a professional and then not have them properly identified?
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 I believe they will hire people they know to have valid credentials. What I mean is, when they post will we know who they are because will their posts have 'asked by psychologist' rather than 'asked by anonymous' as all other posts except admin are. Anyone here can claim they are a psychologist. We have no way of knowing.
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 ^^. Anything is possible with this place. Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.
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That would be amazing.the mental health system is really inadequate and I'm sure a lot of people will make use of this opportunity.