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Any tips keeping kids aged 4,6,8,12,14 entertained besides iPads ?

We are driving to my SIL house and will be there for 9 hours and I don’t want to hear my kids saying they are bored after an hr


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I was going to suggest bikes but that won't work...
Board games? Card games? Lego?
Kids are so unimaginative now. Technology has ruined their creativity lol

Colouring in, treasure hunt

 Not for older kids
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 You can have different activities for the older kids. Or get them to create the treasure hunt.
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Is the problem the drive, or at the house?

 At the house
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9 hours is a long time. Put a movie on for them

 Needs to be G rated
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Answered by SAHM Staff

We have some great handy hits on our website! Another great idea is to give the older kids a map and mark out pit stops/parks along the way so they have something they can follow.