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Do you have a particular order to get your house work and cleaning done?


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I always do kitchen first then vacuuming. Put washing on before I leave the house and hang up when I get home. Mopping, bathrooms and toilet I usually do when the kids are asleep.

Make beds, Put washing on, then I clean the kitchen, then dust, vacuum, bathroom and toilet and then mop. Hang washing out while the floors drying and then once the clothes are dry I fold them straight off the line and put away my daughters clothes and my clothes but I leave hubby's neatly folded on the bed and he puts them away when he gets home from work.

Vacuum first then bathrooms, then dusting. Kitchen last.

 That's weird. Most people dust first, then vacuum
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Folding is at the bottom of the list and never usually gets done. I sweep the courtyard before hanging washing but other than that no order

 How do clothes get put away without folding?
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 They dont...
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 I fold clothes as I take them off the line. Doesn't take much longer than just taking them down at all. Then it's husband job to put them away. If he doesn't put them away he doesn't get to take any clothes out of the basket till he's ready to put EVERYTHING away
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 I have a clothes pile :p i wear the same things every week so the pile is pretty much non existant by washing day and repeat. Not to fussed. Doubt everything would fit in the cupboards anyway.

Not like we can have guest's anyway, we currently dont have a bathroom

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No as long as its all done by the end of the day think that's all that matters it's always there to do again tomorrow

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If I do a big clean it's usually bathrooms first, then kitchen then lounge room bedrooms and floor