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Does anyone else's husband pee all over the toilet?

Seriously considering making him pee in the backyard!! Am so over it there is pee on the toilet seat, on the hinge of the toilet seat, on the floor next to the toilet and all over the outside of the toilet bowl. Its disgusting!! Oh n he blames master 4yrs. Who mind you does occasionally have accidents but he mainly uses the ensuite. Hubby uses the main bathroom loo and that is where it all is. Wtf. Clean it yourself.. yeah right continually get told its a womans job to keep the house clean. Well it would be easier if i wasnt cleaning up after a man child who pees everywhere... anyone else's hubby do this or is mine the most disgusting man child on the earth?


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Gross. My husband and son are civilised and actually manage to use the toilet without getting shit and wee everywhere.

If cleaning the house is women's work, doing the yard work must be men's work. Start leaving some "personal treasure" out there and see how he likes cleaning up your shit. When he goes off just tell him "Outside work is men's work"

 Love this reply !!!!!!! Gold!!
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Put up a sign that says stand closer it's smaller than you think, and if you pee on the seat I will clean it up with your toothbrush.

I went out with a guy who peed everywhere. I don't get how?! do they not hold their penis and aim?' Needless to say there was no future in the relationship as I could barely stand to use the bathroom after him. 😖😖

Funny seeing this post now. My husband has always sat down to pee. I thought it was really odd. Yesterday my teenage son mentioned that he sat down to pee as well. I asked them why don’t they stand and aim. They said that when the initial pee comes out it spurts in different directions. I never knew, I thought it’d come out in a stream. Anyway, I never have to clean pee coz my boys sit. And I’m glad I’ve got sensible boys who realise it’s less messy that way so that’s how they do it.

OMG how on earth do this men reach adulthood and not know how to use a toilet properly!?! I would be embarrassed and ashamed if I couldn't do a basic function like that.

Next time you are at his parents place eating dinner ask them why they didn't toilet train their child properly? Of course they will say they did and then you can say well tell me why he pisses all over the floor and seat like a 2 year old. Husband will be very embarrassed and so should the parents because they obviously did jack shit about it when he was growing up.

 Yeah or go to the toilet after he does at his mum's and note whether or not he leaves the toilet in the same state or not. If he doesn't, be a smart a*s and call him on it in front of the family. Wow, you don't piss all over the hinges and seat at your mum's house so why can't you show the same basic respect at home? Tell him it disgusts you and that you aren't turned on my a man who can't have decent respect for another human who can't make an effort to manage the direction of where his piss goes. No way I'd feel turned on or desire to bang my man if he carried on like that.
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I'm plagued with urge incontinence and don't often have time to wipe my badly reared husband's piss before I sit. When I finish I use baby wipes to clean myself then go to his cupboard and lift the first item of his clothing I put my hand on and wipe the toilet bowl with it and then return it to his cupboard. For years he blamed either one of our sons but they've moved out. We've been married 33 years and he still won't clean his own piss so if it's ok for me to be covered in his piss it's good enough for him.

 Haha I should do this he can wear his piss.
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My husband got so bad at leaving shit marks all down the toilet bowl that I threatened to take a picture of it and put it all over social media. I warned him about it loud and clear and surprise surprise the toilet is shit free and stayed that way. He knows that when I've had enough I'll always do what I say. This does sound extreme but Id had enough of constantly telling him about it. I'm certainly not saying you should do this though.

I understand that sometimes men "miss" the bowl or dribble on the toilet or floor. What I don't understand is why do they leave it? I've had the conversation that I am not his mom and refuse to clean up after his toileting misses. This blunt conversation came only after many subtle (but clear) and polite chats. I would never, ever, EVER leave my urine for someone else to clean up. What the heck is this about? Is it truly a toileting issue? An "I don't give a f*ck" issue? Lack of respect for others in the household who have to live with or clean it? I will tell you one thing: it is not an accident. If you know you pee outside the toilet, and walk away without cleaning up after yourself, it's intentional.

 Agree. Anyone could have a genuine problem or be guilty of the occasional dribble, but still, in no circumstance would I leave urine for someone else to clean. Total lack of respect.
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No mine doesnt and i find it quite disrespectful that urs does this and leaves it for u to clean! My husband isnt perfect but he has enough respect for his family to lift the toilet seats before peeing and to aim in the bowl so there isnt wee everywhere for the rest of us to sit or stand in! U need to pull ur husband in to line and not only teach him some respect but also teach him its time for him to grow up! Good luck!

Nope, but master 12 does or did until i'd had enough and started getting him to clean it - whether i had to wake him in the middle of the night or not. How hard is it to aim seriously. Boys are gross.

Ignoring your husbands "it's a womans job to keep the house clean" crap.... my husband also does this although not to that extent. He pees all over the seat and sometimes the hinges. I've found if I close the toilet lid after I use it, he will lift the seat as well as the lid. I also just give the seat a quick wipe over before I sit down just to be safe. I've debated whether to put a bullseye sticker in the bowl under the guise of giving our Master 3 something to aim at. Lol. Hubby would use it too. Boys are simple creatures.

I went ahead and peed on the seat making it impossible for him to lift it without touching my urine. Hasn’t been anywhere in the floor seat etc ever again LOL

 I left per and blood on the seat, husband didn't notice until after he stood and went off. I said it's not nice is it, he has cleaned up after himself ever since.
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No my 47-year-old husband has been pissing all over the floor in the toilet and walls for the last six months It’s disgusting and I have to keep baby wipes sitting there so I have to wipe up after every time he leaves I raised six children and none were this bad

 Maybe he needs his eyes checked??
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My husband gets poo all up the back of the toilet. I put a pkt of pineocleen wipes next to the toilet and told him he has to clean up after himself. it was easy as he didn't have to get out cleaning stuff.
If he won't clean up after himself fine him every time you notice it. For example I iron my husbands shirts, I could fine him one shirt being ironed each time he does it. If he is going to behave like a child treat him like one.

 Or better yet for the fine charge $5 per clean and then use his card to shout yourself a mani or pedi :) $30 each at my local nail place- would happily clean the toilet for 'free' treatments hahaha! Im sure he'll get sick of you 'wasting' his money- so just tell him your sick of wasting your time with extra cleaning!
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Put a ping pong ball in the loo and tell him to make a game of it and try to hit it........ that's right. He's a grown man. Gross. Yeah I'd make him per outside 😉

 I agree! It is down right gross. Any human who does this on a constant basis is just a right down a*s.
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