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Is this wrong???

I went to a ladies home beauty business which she runs from a room in her back yard.
But she has 2 kids and leaves them alone inside all day? I would imagine they would be 2&4. She tells me sometimes she will go in to make them lunch/dinner but if she can't she hopes the 4yo can make something.
I was shocked! So shocked and I won't be going back to her, who leaves their kids inside alone all day especially at that age?? All because she doesn't want to pay for daycre. Those poor kids I just keep thinking what if something happens to one of them? They can't even get outside because she dead locks the doors.


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I can't believe you have to ask if this is wrong, it's a no brainer child neglect, report her asap

Yea I'd be reporting that, that is terrible. How would you feel if something did happen to one of them but did nothing and said nothing.
I knew someone who had a padlock on the outside of her sons room so when she didn't want to deal with him or wanted to sleep in etc she would padlock the door from the outside, sometimes she would lock him in there at night... Can you imagine if there was a fire. He was 4.
Needless to say many people reported her

That is terrible. You should report her. Does she have a video moniter or something watching them? I go to a home hairdresser and she has her salon set up with tons of toys and tv and she has her kids with her and I'm welcome to take mine. She ducks to the house to make food whilst waiting for my colour to set.

I'd report it.

OP I don't really know her though? Just heard about her through the grape vine!
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 So? You know her name and address. Report it!!
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OP Well I've never reported anything before so was just asking if I can still do it when I don't really know her details or anything.
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OP Who do I report it too?? Were in Brisbane.
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 Department of child services 1300 682 254
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 You contact them through that number ^ Monday-Friday 9am-5pm or there is an after hours number if you need it.
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OP Thank you.
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Are you sure she was being serious??

OP Unfortunately yes. I spoke to my friend who recommended her and she said she knows all about it too.
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