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Are you a good mum?

Following on from the other question I thought I'd make it a poll. Do you think you're a good mum?


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I don't think I'm a good mum but I also don't think other mums are good so I don't really know how high my standards must be

Yes, i know i am a great mum. I am not perfect, but i get told constantly how well behaved, lovely, kind and smart my children are. They excel in their sports and academically as well. Yeah sure i drop a few f bombs when they are at world war 3 with each other, but on the whole, i am happy and they are most importantly most happy!! Ask me again at a different time in their lives....maybe it will be tougher and i wont be doing so great as a mum, but for now, i am a great mum and i am very proud of it.

Sometimes I think what am I doing wrong my teen daughter doesn’t go to parties, studies hard, only has a few close friends and loves spending time with my husband and I and her brother. Maybe I should encourage her to be more outgoing, and we have discussed it but she says she is not comfortable with that.