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Anyone else?

My partner and i have a joint account. All income is shared. Does anyone else in the same situation have their partner still say "your shout" and you feel strange about it?
It really doesnt matter who swipes the card, its the same account


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Lol my husband is my sole source of money. So when we're out, it's whoevers shout that's holding his card at the time. Since that's usually me, people tend to think I'm super generous hahaha. Nope. It feels weird when I have to buy him a gift though. Because he's paying for it. But then I think that he didn't put the emotional labour into choosing the gift, and how much would he have to pay a personal assistant/personal shopper to do this. Then it's less weird.

OP Yeah. Its more the proclamation "your shout". The way he says it is the same way he'd say it to a mate that feels a bit weird. Its like no need to be excited by the prospect of someone else paying, its still your money :p

We tend to do gifts as things each other need/want that dont fit into the weekly budget

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I have my husbands bank card as i pay all the bills and everything however if we go out i have to give him hos cars back so he can be seen the ine doing the paying lol think he thinks he is losing hos manhood if i was to pay. Although he is getting over that stage now after 16 years of being together

We share all money, but I'm always the payer if we are together. But, when we eat at restaurants or go on date nights I like him to pull his card out to pay. So kinda your shout, but not really! Lol.