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Free or cheep counseling services?

What counseling options are there. I've been seeing a counsellor but only get 10 sessions covered by Medicare per year. I've used 5 already and now my marriage had ended I feel I'm going to need that kind of help for a while to come, but I'm not going to be able to afford to pay $150 per hour.


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Look up universities in your state that have a masters counselling course. Usually they have student counsellors on placement that have strict supervision etc. Usually $20 per session but you can negotiate. I once had a client that would pay the university a gold coin because she couldn't afford more than that

 Sorry masters of psychology course
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Centrecare Anglicare relationships Australia and can reduce cost due to financial hardship

Ask them to bulk bill. Mind did cos I said I couldn't afford it after the free sessions

 If you have no gap for your 10 sessions then they are bulk billing if yr not paying after those ten they are just doing it for free
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Your previous psychologist should have helped you with this, ask them for affordable local options. But in answer to your question, here is the mindspot website-

how much would you typically pay for a counselling session? Is 200 steep?

Might be worth cinsidering extras with private health to reduce the gap. Lots of places like relationships Australia and Centacare have free counselling

I get 12 free sesssions a year with my therapist, my husband and I do however work with govt though and we can get free sessions through our workplace for every calendar year! Its great as I use it to just "service" my brain and get it working properly sometimes....

Have you spoken to a doctor? They can extend how many you get if you need more. Not sure what the outside limit is though. But my hubby got more than that covered.