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Been paid my FTB arrears before my tax is lodged?

I haven't lodged my tax yet(will be doing so next week) and in the process of printing off my payment summary , I've spotted that my FTB arrears which I delayed until the end of financial year have been paid today. Is this supposed to happen? I thought I'd have to lodge my tax first.. and then they'd adjust it... or is this a stupid question? sorry ! :) Thanks for your advice!


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They know through the ato anyway i didn't even have to wait for my employer to post mine it was already on the ato website when i logged on. I did notice in my future payments the arrears amount to be paid in 2 weeks but it did change slightly once i lodged my tax return so that may happen. It didn't change much

Sorry to hijack post, I have lodged my tax return so what happens with centrelink after that? Nothing has come up on my express app like it has in the past.
Sorry second time I have done this and it seems to change.
Thought I would ask before having to ring

 Give it some time for ato and centrelink to communicate
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 Thank you I thought that must have been what it was
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 It wasn't until early December that I received payment that was owed as I'd underestimated.
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Same happened with me. They know what you earn.

 The can know what an employer paid you through payg summaries but they can't know what deductions and offsets you might claim which will reduce your taxable income amount though.
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If you need to do an actual tax return its usually after centrelink communicates with the ato to work out what you are supposed to get. I honestly wouldn't spend it yet. If you have the time ring them to check if you should have it yet or not, just incase they've stuffed up. Better to be safe than sorry

 Yes I agree, I won't spend it until all my tax is finalised! 🙂 Last thing I want to do is get a debt!
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Do you report fortnightly? If you do then the ato are already aware of your earnings

 I see, I do report fortnightly , thanks!
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